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3HO NGO Participates in UN Conference


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    A panj (five) of 3HO representatives attended the 58th Annual Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Conference at United Nations’ headquarters, in New York City, recently. Bibiji Dr. Inderjit Kaur, Mukta Kaur, Dharma Singh, Sat Kirn Kaur, and Sat Mitar Kaur of Healthy Happy Holy Organization (3HO), a UN NGO, joined more than 3,500 people representing 1,160 NGOs from 124 countries in a facilitated dialogue about how NGOs impact efforts for peace, security, human development and human rights.

    In his welcoming message to participants, Secretary General Kofi Annan stated, “Partnerships remain the main avenue for progress.” This central theme echoed throughout the Conference as NGOs are considered a crucial piece of the global puzzle to create significant social change. The Secretary General pointed out last year, “It is people mobilized as you are, more than any government initiative or scientific breakthrough, who can overcome the obstacles to a better world.” Now, more than ever, NGOs are more empowered as their service to the world is recognized.

    3HO is an emerging expert in this realm of organizations offering dynamic and diverse services. To become known for our service, 3HO determined that the United Nations is a perfect arena to now expand their existing network and generate important alliances, as it is the only international forum of its kind in existence. The 3HO team’s experience at the Conference enabled clarification of goals for ongoing UN involvement.

    • To share some of these goals —First, 3HO is synchronizing its peace effort with the United Nations. 3HO sent an invitation to our worldwide sangat to participate in the International Day of Peace on September 21st, through yoga, meditation and sharing a meal with neighbors. The reports on those world-wide events will culminate in a collage reflecting collective support for this UN initiative and will be sent to on to the UN. Next year, the Khalsa Councils, in Europe and the United States, will engage their networks, to ensure a deeper impact of people coming together worldwide.

    In addition, 3HO is aligning with partners. For example, the Celebrate Peace Tour brochures which announce concert weekends will let people know it is a broader effort — “In partnership with 3HO, a Non-Governmental Organization of the United Nations.” In September, UN Staff attended the Celebrate Peace concert in New York City. In the future, UN Staff and NGO representatives will receive invitations to attend and possibly speak at future Celebrate Peace events.

    3HO is initiating a networking program, called the ‘Ambassador Program’, to encourage 3HO communities around the world to become aware of, contact, and collaborate with other NGOs. For example, we provided a list of Brazilian NGOs to Subagh Kaur of 3HO — Brazil, who is excited to contact them and explore avenues of shared service efforts. Also, Mukta Kaur, SuperHealth Director and Sikh Dharma International Affairs Secretary, in attendance at the conference, will connect with NGOs while in India this fall and winter, in order to explore opportunities to integrate SuperHealth technology—assistance to overcome addictions, into existing related programs. Implementation of empowering and assisting community members in the 3HO network, with information and opportunity, will be an exciting step to expand their service efforts!
    • Second, since NGOs are generally well-known and revered in developing countries, we were pleased to notice in the wake of the recent hurricanes in the US, NGOs such as Habitat for Humanity have received great press and recognition for their service to the affected population of the Gulf Coast area. The NGO’s provide invaluable services. 3HO intends to increase awareness of 3HO NGO in the US, Europe, South America and India via public education efforts through existing networks. The formula is: increase awareness = recognition of service = more effective service.

    • Third, 3HO would like to offer more tangible forms of Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh’s legacy of teachings and yogic technology through specific outreach programs and materials. The SuperHealth program is a prime example when asked what we do —as drug de-addiction is an important effort in the halls of the UN.

    Women’s issues are considered a top priority focus area for the Millennium Development Goals set forth by the UN. 3HO and KRI (Kundalini Research Institute — cataloging and preserving the body of the legacy of the Siri Singh Sahib’s teachings) have a focus to develop and make available programs and products tailored to specific Women’s issue topic areas, in addition to the existing Conscious Pregnancy and women’s courses. This way, the future impact will be increased and supported by professional, diverse and accessible materials to help improve lives, in service to humanity.
    • Fourth, 3HO is proceeding to extend their relationship with the UN Economic and Social Council in order to work with the World Health Organization. Mukta Kaur will attend a conference related to drug addiction in order to educate people and increase awareness of SuperHealth technology potentially opening up new avenues of opportunity to make a drug-free life possible for those who suffer from addiction around the world.

    In addition, 3HO is increasing presence at other important UN Commissions, such as the Commission on the Status of Women and the Human Rights Commission. There are many UN related organizations, such as the World Council of Churches, who are requesting our participation.

    • While officially representing 3HO at this conference, the Guru’s projection, as shown with the team in attendance in the photo at right, seemed to be what people responded to most! Constantly, people asked us who we were. It was sometimes assumed that we were heads of state, rather than NGO representatives!

    After hearing a report of our attendance — several people in our New Mexico community suggested if the Siri Singh Sahib were here in person, he might have told us that we were representing the Khalsa Spiritual Nation! It was magical to experience the power of the Guru’s radiance, especially in an international forum, where people are already familiar with ethnic and religious dress. The majesty of the Guru truly shines…..and along with a thorough preparation from our side, will clear the path for Sikhs and 3HO to be known for our service.

    Reported by: SatMitar Kaur Khalsa
    For more information about 3HO, visit
    For more information about Celebrate Peace, visit
    For more information about the United Nations, visit
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