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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 01/01/1996
Category: Healing
Location: Unknown

Awakening the Body with Massage

Copyright Yogi Bhajan, All rights reserved 1996 Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.

The Kundalini Yogi sees the body with awakened eyes. It is a microcosm of the universe. All the laws, energies, relationships and miraculous process are enacted within its domain. Guru Nanak emphasized the body as a temple, a vehicle for experience that contains all the powers that can be gained from any outside source.

The body is complex. Interconnected. Responsive. And it learns. The image we often hold of our body as a fixed entity is very wrong. The body changes all its cells every few days. It constantly changes areas of itself- muscles and nerves- to growth in size and complexity according to demand and use. And the body is mostly invisible to us. It is under the skin. It has functions and senses that operate outside of our awareness.

We have just begun to discover the subtlety of its design.

In Kundalini Yoga we make use of the built-in potential and connections of the body to stimulate healing and tap unused energies of the nervous and glandular system.

In the section "Greatest Massage in the World" you were introduced to foot massage, a staple of healing and care in Yoga. In this section we guide you through several specific massage treatments demonstrated by Yogi Bhajan. There are many more. Each of these were selected to illustrate a point about healing, the body or yoga. And each addresses common problems. They area all novice level. They do not require any medical training to use. They can form the basis of an excellent course or workshop along with the foot massage techniques.

Preparing to heal

Whenever you work on someone it is essential to prepare yourself first- before your first touch. You need to be neutral, fully present and clear of past imprints from other clients and from emotional bias in your self. Your body is influenced immediately by its environment. It is not separated from it at all. It can hold the memory of a state of energy indefinitely. Your own conscious and unconscious attachments lock different parts of your experience into the body. So it is necessary to have a habit to clear and neutralize the body when you use it as an instrument for healing and transformation of your self or others.

There are long and short procedures to help this. This is a short technique. It is especially useful to clear out energy patterns you got into while treating the previous client. It neutralizes the meridian energies. It focuses energy through the hands and finger tips so you are immediately ready to sense the next person.

1. Circular Spider Push-Ups: put the finger tips and thumb tips of opposite hands together. Begin to trace out a slow intentional circle in front of the chest. Go up and outward as the palms push together. Continue downward and back toward the chest as the finer tips press hard and the palms separate. It looks like a spider doing push-ups on a mirror. Repeat 5 to 11 times.

2. Grasp one hand with the other firmly: fingers crossed over the palm, thumbs crossed behind opposite hand, all fingers of the same hand are together, not interlaced. Squeeze this lock tightly for 1-2 seconds. Then reverse hand positions and squeeze again. Repeat this switch and squeeze 2 to 5 times.

3. Press the hands together as you did in exercise #1. Keep the palms separated. Push the finger tips together with a steady, strong pressure 15-20 lbs for 2 to 5 seconds. Relax the hands. Shake them and you are ready to begin.

(Demonstrated in Lloret, Spain , August 1986)
Breath and Rib Release

The body is organized by rhythms. Everything has a rhythm. Sleep and awakening. Glandular secretions. Speech and movement.

Yogis recognize the centrality of the breath rhythm. A full smooth breath drives and synchronizes many other rhythms in the body. It is a key to staying vital and triggering the rejuvenating powers of the body.

This simple treatment unlocks the ribs, frees the intercostal muscles and facilitates the practice of all the breathing exercises we do in Kundalini Yoga.

1. Have the person lie face down. Place the thumbs next the spine. Wrap the remaining fingers around the ribs on each side. Match the line of the ribs with the line of the index fingers. Start at the base of the ribs (Thoracic 12th vertebra). Simultaneously press the thumbs in firmly and squeeze the fingers around the ribs. It is a wave-like squeeze and thrust. Firm but moderate. After several squeezes at one vertebral level, move up and continue to work up the spine.

2. After working all the ribs, place the base of the palms along the iliac crest on each side (top of buttocks to the sides of the spine). Push down with three thrusts on one side, then the other. Repeat again. End with a gentle push with both hands.

(Demonstrated in Tucson, Arizona October 1985)

Rejuvenation Technique: Unblocking the healing process

The Kundalini Energy is awareness itself. It organizes all the other energies in the body. If its flow is open and correct, healing results occur with almost miraculous impact. Our fears and attachments often disturb the normal flow of energy and functioning of the first three chakras. When that flow is opened and reconnected to the higher centers, the nervous system, glands and chakras all synchronize. A deep rejuvenation cascades throughout the body.

This long treatment focuses on tapping the energy locked in the 2cd and 3rd chakras. It is released by linking pairs of points that act as polarities to each other- like poles of a battery. They are called moon and sun points. Then the energy is guided through the higher centers and stabilized by adjusting the pituitary, pineal and thyroid centers.

It is a good example of the systematic thoroughness of these Kundalini Massage techniques.

In this particular massage we use trigger points. These points open gateways and meridians in the body. To get the result we apply a firm pressure. Some points are often painful to the touch. Adjust the treatment to the tolerance level of the client. But also strive for the maximum pressure that can be tolerated to reach the maximum reflex effect. The point is not to create pain. It is to create a pressure and reflex, rhythmically and steadily applied for a short time. If the goal were only relaxation, or temporary balance we would not need the pressure. But to evoke from the body memory a re-structuring of the energy, a basic rejuvenation that will last, we need the pressure.

1. Student lies face up. Put the thumb on the moon point just above the center top of the pubic bone. Stretch the little finger along the midline over the navel to a spot just a few inches below the tip of the sternum. That point is the sun point relative to the first point. Apply pressure to both points at once and massage in small circles. Continue 1 minutes.

2. Keep the hand stretched as above and move the thumb tip up to the navel point. This acts as the moon point. The little finger stretches up to the sun point along the midline a few inches up from the tip of the sternum. Rub both as in #1 for 1 minutes.

3. Stand or sit above the student’s head as they continue to lie on the back. Place the thumb tip just below the collar bone, near the sternum (Kidney 27 meridian point), and stretch the other fingers to the side, around the insertion of the pectoralis muscles. Lock the thumb tip and fingers in a squeeze to fix the muscles. Massage in a rotary motion as above for 2 minutes.

4. Place the thumb tips on the student’s forehead just above the center of the eyebrows. With equal pressure on both sides, massage with rotary pressure as above for 2 minutes.

5. Put the finger tips on the temples at the side of the head. Ask the student to begin deep, slow breaths. As they inhale apply a light steady pressure equally to both temples. As they exhale lift your finger off and away about four inches. Continue for 1-1 minutes. Then apply continuous steady pressure to the temples as they keep breathing for minute more. (This is a key to releasing temporalis tension, TMJ blockage and establishing cranial rhythms).

6. As they continue deep breathing, criss cross your hands in the air, palms down over the students face for - 1 minute. (6th chakra recomputes the body image and meridian flow from the stimulation. Brings energy to 6th chakra and flow of thoughts linked to body patterns).

7. Hook the tip of the index fingers under the edge of the eyebrow orbit ridge. Find the notch just to the side of the nose. It will be sensitive due to the large nerve there. Pull up in a steady manner. The force should be enough to alert the body alarms. Focus on the power of your own voice projection and command from the fifth center: “Concentrate deeply. Crystallize yourself. Become immovable and clam. You know no fear. Breath deeply. Beyond any reaction. Let it all go. Be still. Fearless and free!” Continue for 1 minute.

8. Tap your finger tips all around the ears on both sides. Rapidly and gently. minute.

9. Run the fists in a circular massage motion over the ears and the area directly in front of them. Close the hands in to a fist with the thumbs locked on the outside. Use the flat area with the base of the palm. Use moderate pressure. 1 minute.

10. Now place the base of both hands over top of the eyebrows one on each side. Left hand over right. Put a steady downward pressure over the eyebrows so the forehead goes down a bit. Have them breath deeply and slowly as you verbally command them: “Relax..let everything go..allow your body to sleep, deeply, relax…rejuvenate..let it go..Obey and you will command it all..totally release it all..” Continue for 5 minutes.

11. Have them roll onto the stomach. Rapidly tap or strike with the side of the hands all along the spine going up and down repeatedly. 2 minutes.

12. Massage the center of each buttock with the base of the palm. Alternate the pressure form one side to the other as you massage in circles focused at the deep center of each side. minute.

13. Use the base of the palms half way down the back of the thigh. Massage the same way and stretch the finger tips up toward the top of the thigh muscle near the buttocks and press there as you massage the central thigh. - 1 minute.

14. Do the same motion in back of the knees. 1 minute.

15. Do the same motion in the center back of the calve muscles. 1 minute.

16. Do the same motion on the Achilles tendon in back of the heel. The tendon crosses the center line of the palm. Alternate the pressure side to side. 2 minutes.

17. Massage in a deep rotating motion with the thumb tips the area just below and slightly behind the ankle bones on the inside of the feet. (Kidney 3 meridian point). 1 minute.

18. Make sure the students head is facing down and straight, not turned. Ideally a table with a face hole is used. Then place the hands on the back of the head and press straight down. Create a steady, gentle pump motion. 1 minute.

19. Massage strongly the point in the center of the balls of both feet (Kidney 1 meridian point). Use deep circular motions. 1 minute.

20. Now, on each foot, one at a time: stretch each toe by pulling it in the natural direction. Then squeeze the entire foot with both hands like milking. 1 minute for each foot.

21. Finish by switching to the hands and do the same motions as in #20. 1 minute for each hand.

(Demonstrated Millis, Massachusetts, October 1984)

Total Body Balance Reflex Technique

Some of the Kundalini Massage techniques provoke innate defense mechanisms of the body. For example, our daily morning ritual to shower in cold water triggers a “divers reflex” when it hits the forehead that shifts the blood flow in all the capillaries, as long as the water is cold enough. This massage technique uses a response to pressure. It senses it is being pushed off balance and immediately shifts the energy to create stability. It activates and changes the distribution of energy from the third chakra. It is also an example of asking the student or client to participate in their own massage by doing an exercise with it.

1. The student lies face down on a soft table or pad. Lower your weight slowly onto the students buttocks so you sit “side-saddle” to them, your legs hanging over the side. If you are sitting correctly the pelvis and sacrum take most of the weight and the student can breathe freely and easily. Instruct them to breath deeply and slowly. Gradually their body recognizes the weight as a threat or problem and it begins to correct itself with a self-defense mechanism. It re-establishes its own stability and sense of body control. Continue 3 minutes.

2. Ask the student to place both of their hands on the buttocks. Then arch up with the upper body and legs lifted off the ground. The navel hold the weight. Have them breath long and slowly. Continue for 3 minutes.

3. Have the student relax on the stomach. Bend both legs, feet up. Have them reach back and grab the ankles. Spread the knees. Pull the ankles forward to lift he hip off the table slightly. Hold this posture with long deep breaths for 1 minute. Then completely relax.

The pattern is to trigger the gathering of energy and opening the navel in the first exercise. It uses a whole body systemic response to imposed imbalance. The second exercise moves that energy to the upper body. The last exercise does the same for the lower body. The cycle is complete.

(Demonstrated Tucson, Arizona, October 17, 1985)

Clearing Tears and Sorrows

The body can hold old traumas. So some massage techniques are to release those old patterns. The patterns are held in place by a distribution of energy in the meridians and muscles. That pattern recreates the emotion repeatedly. It is not like a quantity of emotion is stored. So you can clear a little emotion or huge amounts quickly if you simply break the old pattern and initial a new one.

This quick massage helps the student release old sorrows, tears and grief form past relationships. By keeping the old patterns of thoughts and feelings they might seem to resist their own healing efforts. This openness the heart center to a feeling of newness and fresh possibilities.

It should be done smoothly switching quickly form one set of points to the next.

1. Student lies on the back. Bend one knee up with the foot on the ground near the buttock. The healer presses the area just inside the hip joint that is raised up a bit (called the ASIS). It should feel sore to the student. At the same time use the other hand to press the main point just below the ankle bone on the inside of the foot. Rub that point with your thumb, strongly. (Kidney 3 meridian point). 15-30 seconds on one side, then switch to the other for the same time.

2. Standing at the feet of the student, their legs relaxed down, massage the points just up, anterior, to the ankle bone on the outside of the foot (Gall Bladder 40 meridian point).Rotate both at the same time with moderate pressure. minute.

3. Grab both feet in front of the ankle bones, thumbs on the inside, fingers on the outside of the foot. Move the hands up and down in a squeezing motion to massage the points (Gall Bladder 40 and Spleen 5 meridian points in that area). Massage strongly for 15- 3o seconds.

4. Use the knuckle of your index finger to press the point between the big toe and the second toe, on top of the foot, about an inch back from the crack between the toes (Liver 3 meridian point). Massage each foot one at a time for 15-20 seconds each. It is often sore be careful to adjust the pressure level.

5. Grasp both feet , one hand apiece. Reach around the toes and top of the foot. Alternately squeeze one foot as you lift it upward a bit. Then do the other foot. It should feel like a steady, rhythmical milking motion. Continue to 3 minutes. This finishes the release and brings a new foundation to the feelings.

(Demonstrated Lloret, Spain August 1986)

Complete Stress Relief Treatment

Stress is everywhere. It is often the cause or the aggravating cause for many problems- physical and emotional. Even if you have someone with other identifiable problems, stress may be the first line of defense.

This treatment is a direct stress buster. Each massage point is done for 3 minutes. All points are massaged in a tight circular motion and strong pressure.

Often we release the background stress then proceed to other more specific treatments and exercises. This clears the boards for more effective, lasting treatments.

1. Student is face up on their back. Sit at their head. Massage the ears in the dip or dimple near the fold of the lobes. Go both clockwise and counterclockwise.

2. With open palms massage the ribs along the sides of the torso. Use a strong pressure. Go gradually up and down the entire rib cage on the sides.

3. Massage under the edge of the rib cage, on the abdomen. Use the sides of your hands. Do both sides at once in a balanced motion.

4. Massage the area between the top of the pubic bone and the two bony points of the hips (The ASISs). Treat it like a triangular zone and massage with both hands.

5. Massage the knee cap area and all the surrounding tissues.

6. Student turns face down. Massage the Achilles tendon area with open palms around them.

7. Massage the backs of the knees.

8. Massage the lower buttocks and the area of the upper thighs.

9. Massage the lower spine in the dip between lumbar and sacrum.

10. Massage both sides of the spine from the base up to top and back down several times. Use finger pressure to loosen muscles.

11. Massage the triangular area from the base of the neck to the two shoulders and shoulder blades.

12. Massage the neck muscles and the base of the skull.

Relax. In 36 minutes they can relax completely and listen to beautiful healing tapes for another 20 minutes. A Divine treatment for an over stressed world.

There are hundreds of other techniques laid out over the years. Study these and others to help understand many of the connections in this body. Use these perfect patterns to develop your own sensitivity to the energies of the body and their flows.

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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