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Re: Iron Utensils
Posted by Serjinder Singh Send Email to Author on Thursday, 1/16/2003 9:33 AM MST
Waheguru ji ka khalsa
Waheguru ji ki fateh

The tradition of Sarbaloh is a Shakat influence in Sikhism which crept in immediately after tenth Guruji. The followers of goddess in various forms, i.e. Durga, Kali, Chandi, Bhavani worship goddess by various names. One of these is Sarabloh. Sarabloh originally meant Kharag or Khanda which did not have a wooden handle or for that matter any weapon that does not have any wooden components and was all iron. However, from the beginning of Iron Age in the Indian sub-continent, the iron ore, Iron metal and weapons made from Iron were worshipped as a manifestation of goddess. We find this not only in Shakat compositions in Dasam Granth but in many Shakat scriptures as well. Sarbloh Granth is also considered by sikh scholars to be a Shakat compositions. Iron is called Asi as are the iron weapons. Durga and Kali are known by the epithept of Kharag carrier(Asipan)and Sarbaloh is another name for Kali in classical Shakat scriptures. Unlike the situation after Singh Sabha movement, most sikhs in eighteenth and nineteenth century especially close to the Nihang organisation believed strongly that Guruji made Devi to appear at Naina Devi and that the weapons being manifestations of Devi need to be worshipped. (See Daya Singh's Rehatnama, see Panth Parkash by Rattan Singh Bhangoo where he justifies the martyrdom of thousands of Sikhs because Kali asked for Sawa Lakh heads for restoring political power to Sikhs. Suraj Parkash by Santokh Singh also mentions the appearance of Devi at Naina Devi.). It is no wonder therefore many of unique Nihang practices have Shakat roots and connotations. For example taking of Bhang is a Shakat as well as Shaiv practice. Meat or Maas is one of the five Makkars of Shakats ( others are Machhli (fish),Madira (wine), Maithun(sexual intercourse), and Mudra (sexual position)). Sixth Guru ji in one of his hukamana had clearly indicated "Maas Machhi de nere nahin jana". Same is in one of the hukamanamas from Baba Banda Bahadur. Guruji and Devi story is also mentioned during early eighteenth century by Gur Bilas Patshahi Dasvin.

Needless to say,I can never believe Guruji had anything to do with Devi but a large section of Sikhs who came from families with Devi worship past were very quickly made to believe by variour Brahminic writers that Guru ji made appear Devi and that Devi blessed Guruji. The glaring proof of this domination is the inclusion of the first pauri of Chandi di vaar in our Ardas and the insistence by Nihangs to recite this var routinely which is nothing but euolising the Devi.

I remain the charan dhoor of the Sangat
Serjinder Singh

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