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Re: Akali Dal Badal read this about human rights
Posted by Dilsher Singh Singh Send Email to Author on Friday, 12/26/2003 6:21 AM MST

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I consider all factions of Akali Dal as representing the Sikh Quom. It was the fundamental objective of Shiromani Akali Dal's formation and it shall be the objective in future too. The original Dal may have been divided into different factions but the objective remains the same. Because of this very fact I am concerned with what Akali Dal ( any faction) is doing . The argument that other parties are also adopting the same tactics does not justify Akali Dal's actions. Other parties are not Akali Dal's role models. Gurmatt is the guiding force.

The simple question which Sikh Quom have to ponder upon is : Does the arrest of Badals (father and son) in cases of corruption amounts to Human Rights violation?

In my view, it is not.

Dilsher Singh

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