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Pandit Bhagwan Das on Sikhism
Posted by Preet Mohan S Ahluwalia Send Email to Author on Tuesday, 5/25/1999 9:20 AM MDT
Excellence of Sikhism, Sarup S Alag

Dr. Pandit Bhagwan Das Banarsi was one of the great scholars of the Hindu religion from banaras and was one of the eminent personalities. In 1940 he met some well-known preachers of Sikhism, Sardar Sadhu Singh Bhaura, Giani Amar Singh Jachak, Giani Jung Singh and Giani Nand Singh. They all discussed various aspects of Sikhism and Gurbani. Pandit Bhagwan Das Banarsi was so impressed that he states:

"Today I have realized that Sikh principles are far greater than Vedas, Shastras and other religions. Therefore, I am of the opinion that if any Hindu brother becomes a Sikh, he does not lose anything, rather he stands to gain something, meaning that he does not fall backwards but moves forward..........Sikhism is the latest religion that is the essence of all religions and in which supreme virtues are permeated. The vices and weaknesses of followers of other religions have been left out and all the ethics of love and virtues have been adopted in Sikhism."


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