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Why I Embraced Sikhism: Abul Turrani (EOS, SS Alag)
Posted by Preet Mohan S Ahluwalia Send Email to Author on Tuesday, 5/25/1999 9:18 AM MDT
Excellence of Sikhism, Sarup S. Alag

Abul Turrani, a faithful friend of Emperor Aurangzeb, was sent to Guru Gobind Singh's court dressed as a brahmin, to spy and report back the activities and the movements of Guru Sahib to the emperor. Turrani kept on sending his secret reports to the Mogul court. At last he sent the report of Baisakhi 1699 AD, when Guru Gobind Singh served nectar to the five beloveds and created the Khalsa. In his long report Turrani writes at one place:

"...then he sat in a bir-asan(alert pose) and accepted the nectar, amrit(aabe-hayaat) from the five beloveds and his name, Gobind Rai was changed to Gobind Singh. On that day thousands drank the elixir-amrit and under some magic spell I fell down at his feet and begged for the same. He gently tapped my back, blessed me with the amrit nectar and changed my name to Ajmer Singh. Thus my sins of several births were washed away. That day I sent my last report to Aurangzeb and described in detail all the happenings and warned him in the following strong words: Beware Emperor! don't get in trouble by opposing a living God, don't be brutal and tyrant. If you don't listen to me now, very soon your family and your empire will be destroyed."



"Amrit peevahu sada chir jeevahu
har(i) simrat anand ananta"
(Drink the Amrit and live forever to enjoy the never ending immense bliss of meditation.)

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