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Love At First Sight (EOS, SS Alag)
Posted by Preet Mohan S Ahluwalia Send Email to Author on Tuesday, 5/25/1999 9:09 AM MDT
Excellence of Sikhism, Sarup S. Alag

Mrs. Dale Goldie was born and brought up in Holland. After marriage, she became a resident of Indonesia. Although all religions are good, she had a desire to find the finest religious philosophy. She decided to impartially study the teachings of all religions as well as the lives lived by the followers of those religions. She visited the pilgrimage centres of various religions, studied their customs as well as the code of conduct.

While studying Sikhism, she felt the desire to visit Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar. What she saw there impressed her. Besides the dedication with which people were performing services, she liked the idea of 'Langar' where people from different religions, rich or poor, old or young, all sat together without any feeling of discrimination. Mrs. Goldie came to the conclusion that Sikhs seek welfare of all, want it and do it and to upkeep this feeling of humanism, they protest and fight against the oppression and injustice. Sikh religion is perfect in saying and doing.

The few days spent in the Golden Temple transformed her life. Therefore, she not only proclaimed that Sikh religion is the finest but also accepted it. She took part in the Amrit ceremony, on November 20th, 1925, and from Dale Goldie became Sardarni Bhagwan Kaur.

While describing her visit to Darbar Sahib, she said:

"....the mysterious power, the dignity of Harmandir Sahib has won my heart. The daily life and happenings around here, have for the first time given me solace and peace, serenity and harmony, right from the first sight. The unparalled grandeur and spiritual attraction has compelled me to decide that for me the best religion is Sikhism. Sri Harmandir Sahib has won my heart.

....Accepting Sikhism was the outcome of my independent study and it is only due to the Grace and Blessing of the Timeless Being that I have been able to accept this superb religion and exceptional way of life for my spiritual harmony. There is no worldly desire behind my decision. I am deeply indebted to the Golden Temple that transformed my life right from the first view of it....A fine example of 'Love At First Sight'."



"dithe sabhe thav nahi tudh jehia"
(Of all the places I have seen, there is none like you.)

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