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Re: Traditional Sikh Prayer Before Meals, restating the Question
Posted by Krishna S. Khalsa Send Email to Author on Tuesday, 6/01/1999 11:02 AM MDT
Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji ki fateh.
Dear Yuktanand Singh ji,
Thank you very much for your kind and insightful response. So far as the need to connect with Wahe Guruji with every breath, you are absolutely right.

As I understand it, what the young questioner was apparently asking about was some traditional, customary prayer in the home, that he has experienced in his family or community. He was simply asking if anyone could refresh his memory because that he found that practice to be inspiring and uplifting to him, and he wanted to be able to do it for himself. It isn't an issue of any doctrine that could say that what he might have learned in his childhood can be wrong. His question seems appropriate, innocent and quite worthy.

It would be a kindness for anyone more familiar than myself with traditional Punjabi homelife, and how Sikh householders have inspired their children in the past to remember God and Guru, that if anyone is familiar with such prayers, if they could forward them to me, as requested in the initial post. He asked for Gurmukhi, and the English translation. My request was, if the prayer is from SGGS or Gurbani Kirtan sources, could you please give the page citations if possible.

Again, if this information is familiar to anyone on the Sikhnet Discussion Forum, please respond as best you can. Thank you.

By Guru's Grace,
Krishna Singh Khalsa

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