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Re: Traditional Sikh Prayer Before Meals
Posted by Jasjit T Ahluvalia Send Email to Author on Tuesday, 6/01/1999 9:50 PM MDT
Dear Krishna Singh Ji:
Sat Sri Akal.

There is nothing in Guru Granth Sahib that dictates that a particular Shabad needs to be recited before eating. The only Shabad in SGSS that relates to a specific event and dictates that it needs to be read at that time, is Guru Arjan Devji's Slok "Gurdev Mata, Gurdev Pita......" which is REQUIRED to be read Before and After Baavan Akhri. In SGSS it appears just before "Sukhmani".

The closest that any of our scriptures comes to, is Bhai Gurdas Ji's Vaar 6 Pauri 3 that relates time of day with a particular Shabad. (Sodar for the evening and Sohila before going to sleep).

If we look Outside the Scriptures, then the story is different.

There is a "Sant" culture in India that goes back thousands of years. Even among the Sikhs, there are many Sant Deras (camps) and there are many who follow these Sants. One of the favors that most of these followers ask of their Sant, is to bless them with a Shabad - as a cure all. The followers then recite these Shabads as directed by their Sant - first thing in the morning, before meals, before starting for work or any other activity etc. Perhaps the questioner had some such experience in his background.

The best advise that can be given to this young person is for him, himself, to pick a Shabad and recite it as often as he feels like - that includes before meals.



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