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Richard Dawkins: You Did Not Do Your Homework Well
Posted by Preet Mohan S Ahluwalia Send Email to Author on Tuesday, 9/18/2001 10:42 AM MDT
I just posted an interesting article by the famous Richard Dawkins from the University of Oxford. Richard did not do his homework well. Rather than criticize religion he would have better served us by being more specific. These are some of his views:
* for reasons which one day we may understand, most people fall for it [religion]

* specifically the devaluing effect that religion has on human life

* If death is final, a rational agent can be expected to value his life highly and be reluctant to risk it

* Especially if they [martyrs] also believe that that other universe is a paradisical escape from the tribulations of the real world

Finally, he concludes:

"Religion is also, of course, the underlying source of the divisiveness in the Middle East....To fill a world with religion, or religions of the Abrahamic kind, is like littering the streets with loaded guns. Do not be surprised if they are used....."

His views on semitic religions and their claim to exclusivity are true. Indeed, it is what promotes divisiveness. Sometime ago there was a discussion on certain aspects of some religions. Please read below.

Beliefs That Have Harmed Mankind

Guide: How To Evaluate a Religion!OpenDocument&Highlight=0

Perhaps Dr Dawkins is anot aware of the Sikh faith. I hope someday he will read about it. We do not promote exclusivity, paradise or mistreatment of non-Sikhs.

Since this has been discussed several times before, I will post links to previous discussions. In short, Sikhism stands for

* human equality -- there is only one race, the human race since there is one Creator of all
* gender equality -- men and women are born equal. A woman is not inferior to man
* no priesthood -- every man is capable of communion with the Divine
* co-existence -- in the spirit of brotherhood & religious pluralism

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