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Scandal in Guru Ghar-2
Posted by Tarnjit S Saini Send Email to Author on Sunday, 9/20/1998 11:28 AM MDT
It is a difficult task to construct a historical narrative from history books written primarily to cater the emotional needs of a particular religious creed. The settled belief patterns on being threatened by critical review of anecdotal historiography result in irrational response of anger and frustration. The historical truth is a relative term and can never be established to the satisfaction of all and sundry. The non historians have to interpret the stark reality of facts according to their subjective emotional belief criterion. Some historians may piece together scatter facts by employing explanations based upon common sense. This venture can also be taken as blurring of the objective reality by personal biases beliefs and cultural conditioning.
Let me narrate a controversial incident from the times of 6th Guru which will demonstrate the difficulties involved in establishing the reality and how belief of authors compromise and adjusts the narration. Kazi Rustom Khan lived in Lahore who had a daughter Kolan (lotus). She was a student of Mian Meer. She used to recite Sukhmani Sahib even though her father was vehemently opposed this practice. She had a personal glimpse of 6 Th. Guru when he visited their house for the financial transaction of a stolen horse. She started visiting the camp of 6th Guru which further infuriated the Kazi. More over he was also unsatisfied with the financial transaction with the Guru. It is said that he got a Fatwa issued against Kolan for associating with non believers and it stipulated public beheading of her. She ran to the protection of Mia Meer who managed to take her to the camp of 6th Guru during the night. The latter made arrangement for her flight to Amritsar. The historian DR. Gopal Singh says that Guru h
ad already returned from Lahore when Kolan fled from the city.
A special hut was constructed for her in phoolan vaali dhaab near the resident of 6th Guru. Baba Atal jee used to spent most of his time in the hut with her. Giani Gian Singh says that Guru used to visit the hut alone and during one of his visit she offered herself to the Guru. 6th Guru rebuked her for her amorous frenzy and advised her that the lust (vasana) is the root cause of human suffering. He comforted her that he would construct a sarovar at the site to commemorate her name for the future. Kolan gave all her jewels to the 6th Guru who sold them to Kotu Mal. The money was spent to construct the sarovar in Bikrami 1681 under the leadership of Baba Budha jee and the brick work was completed in Bikrami 1684. The 6th Guru proclaimed that the worshippers should take bath in Kolsaar before taking the holy dip in the main sarovar in the Hari mandir.
The story takes an interesting turn at this point. It is claimed that Sodhi Meharvan the son of Prithi Chand spread rumors about Kolan and the Guru. Many a times the followers of both creeds would come to blows over verbal affronts regarding Kolan's affair. The prominent Sikhs like Gopal Seth,Thakur , Nawla, Nihaloo Krishna, Triloke approached Bhai Guru Dass to discuss the issue with the Guru. Then they all went to Baba Buddha jee and related the problem who accompanied them to the durbar. They requested the 6th Guru to send Kolan out of Amritsar. The very next day she was sent to Kartarpore. She became very sick in her new abode and passed away after the 6th Guru's visit to Kartarpore just before the battle of Hargobindpore

Giani Gian Singh quotes that according to some historian 6th Guru actually married Kolan in Bikrami 1678. Sir KC Narang goes one step further in claiming that Kolan was a Hindu and her real name was Kamla and she was bought by the Kazi when she was child. Latif wrote that the Emperor Sha Jahan proclaimed a royal firman which banned the marriages of Muslim girls with non Muslim . The firman also exhorted that in case of infringement girls would be forcefully recovered from the non the Muslim Muslim husbands. Accorsding to Sodhi Chmatkaar Kolan was sent out of Amritsar just before the hostilities broke between Lahore and Guru Ghar
The facts are clear that there was a person Kolan who lived in Amritsar and Kartarpore during the time of 6th .Guru but to establish the details of her life story from the present sources is a task which seems well nigh impossible

The particular references are available on request.

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