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Re: Sikhs Equated with Al Qaeda ‘Terrorist Cells’ in Recent Interview on PBS
Posted by Jjjjj Sssss Ddddd Send Email to Author on Monday, 6/23/2003 11:39 AM MDT
I wonder whether Bill Moyers is aware of terrorist activities and murders committed by Hindu majority in india. Instead of confronting mukerjee on her interview in which she tried to add spice to the tragedy, people should ask her about why sikhs are being killed till today by india and when will it stop. Tell her about human rights report and confront her with that report and let's see her reaction. It's no doubt 99.999 % of sikhs will agree that air india incident was a disasterous tragedy and most of them truly feel for all that were affected. I have yet to hear from anybody from hindu religion to accept and apologize for sikh holocaust which is still ongoing. PBS is independent television that have limited knowledge of world around them. They bring on somebody who wants to say anything or everything without checking into their intentions. It's very clear why mukerjee said what she said in the interview.
Like I said in my earlier postings , we need people in all spheres especially in political science who can confront these mukerjee and go beyond that to bring human right situation in india to rest of the world. I want to see human rights issues in india on pbs. This is a tragedy that is happening for last 20 years and deserves prime time on pbs so that next time mukerjee opens her mouth, their is a non-sikh like Bill moyers who will confront her with hindu terrorism.

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