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Serious feedback to change ourselves to protect Sikhism
Posted by Ripudaman Singh 2139 Send Email to Author on Thursday, 1/01/2004 2:11 AM MST

Below written is a message sent by a friend to me so that the same can be posted on the discussions site & I felt that a discussions & views from all the learned people participating in these discussions can enlighten us & also our mistakes can be pointed out. Dear Sangat Ji, we are not very learned people as I find most of you on this forum. Hence kindly do tell us if we are mistaken at any point of time during the complete write up below BUT we also request you to keep these mistakes aside & concentrate on the spirit of the article below & help in enlightening us on this topic.

Ripudaman Singh

Dear Sir/ Madam,

The most improtant thing which our community requires is the meaning of our gurbani. Todays fast moving world Sikhs do not have time to learn punjabi & then take help of someone for understanding the meaning of gurbani. the meaning also varies from person to person. Its just a myth that one can understand the gurbani by own. I am a engineer but able to understand only few lines of gurbani. My parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, they are daily reading nitnem, but most of them dont even understand their meaning. they are doing this acitivity as there seniors have told them to do. peoples are going to gurudwara for hearing only music of kirtan. They don't try to know the meaning.

Our Sikh Gurudwara Parbandhak Commitee is only making gurdwara's building of cocrete and marbels just to show off money. They are distributing langars, parshads to all as gurus has told us to do. We are not doing any new things. Remember if we do not put innovaitve ideas in our religion then it will become religion of only few thousand sikhs most of them will be employees of Gurudwara only. My cast is Ahluwalia forget about abroad in India 99.9% peoples think of Ahluwalia cast as Owner of Potatoes. It is very difficult for me to tell each and every person whom i come in contact to tell the history of Ahluwalia to them.

My request to international communitee is to please provide their innovative ideas to our religion to make the Sikh religion as No. 1 in the world. here are few of my suggestions :-

1) Instead of making Gurudwara buildings of marble make it more enviromental friendly like trees, grass etc.
2) open Sikh Training centre or parlour for men - For turban training, Beard Setting without going out of limit.
3) New styles of patkas for younger children as everyone will get bored of using the same style.
4) Proper method of collecting feedbacks from all people and system to give the shape in actual.
5) distribution of Gurbani Meaning in Hindi, Local Languages, English by e mail, classes in all gurudwara, Don't remain stick to punjabi language. Be global and broadminded to adopt all languages. All persons of various religion has got right to know about our Guru Granth Sahib.
6) Proper method of celebrating Gurpurb. Trucks loaded with people in Nagar Kirtan just shows only presence. Make new like Jhankis showing scenes of Sikh History. Sikh role in todays scenerio, Scenes Showing sikhs are against Al Qaida etc.
7) Siksh history must be taught in schools. Aquiring land by political pressure will not help future sikh children in future to know their identity.
8) Sikhs must come in TV Serials/ Movies to tell what the sikh is. My ancestors have give their life for the India but in the result i have got humiliation from Indian peoples. Golden Temple must pass budget of atleast one movie once a year instead of spending lavishly on other items.

Rest of the feedback i will give next time when i will sit on internet.

If possible display my message on internet and let have discussion of above points.

Sorry for the spelling mistake as i have put my inner fire very fast on e mail not taking care of spelling check.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Wahegure ji ki Fateh.


Kanwaljit Singh Ahluwalia
a simple sikh from India

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