22nd Anniversary Retrospective

On June 6th, 2006 SikhNet honors the 22nd Anniversary of the supreme sacrifice of the Akal Takht with this special retrospective. On June 6, 1984 military tanks stormed the Golden Temple, thousands of Sikhs were killed, and the Akal Takhat, the supreme seat of religious authority for the Sikhs martyred itself in order to awaken a sleeping spiritual nation. On the occassion of the 22nd anniversary of the Akal Takhat martyrdom all Sikhs of the Guru have the blessing to remember and commemorate the Akal Takhat and all those who died in order to uphold and protect our Dharma.
What is the Akal Takht?

Excerpts from "Martyrdom of the Akal Takhat" A Spiritual Perspective on 1984
July 1, 1984

Seeds of Healing: 20 Years Later - Milestones on the Path to Peace

Excerpts from"Sikhs: Fighting for Justice" Published in 1984

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