Exercising The Central Vagus Nerve
1. Lie down on your back, raise both arms up to 90 degrees,
and interlock your fingers. Begin leg lifts, raising both legs up
to 90 degrees, and lowering them. The arms do not move.
They remain up with no bend in the elbows. Move with power.
9 1/2 Minutes.
2. Stop the movement with the legs up at 90
degrees and hold the position. 1 1/2 Minutes.
3. Still lying on your back, stretch your arms out
on the ground above your head. Resume leg lifts,
raising both legs up to 90 degrees, and lowering them.
1 1/2 Minutes.
4. Remain lying on your back with your arms
stretched on the ground above your head.
Raise your legs up to 90 degrees.
Spread your legs one foot apart and
keep them spread as you lower them
to the ground. When they touch the ground,
bring them together and raise them back up
to 90 degrees. Continue this movement: legs
together when they go up, legs spread apart one
foot when they go down. 30 Seconds.
All movements are to be done vigorously.
One complete up and down movement of the
legs in exercises 1-5 should take only about 4 seconds.
5. Come into Shoulder Stand.
Bend your knees and bring
your heels to your buttocks.
Then immediately raise your legs back up into Shoulder Stand.
Keep your legs together as they move up and down.
Continue for 2 Minutes.
6. From Shoulder Stand, bring your legs alternately down to touch the
floor behind your head. As one leg goes down, the other leg goes back
7. Come into Plow Pose, holding onto your feet with your hands. 30 Seconds.
Chant "God and Me, Me and God Are One" in this position 1 Minute. (This is the best posture for chanting this mantra.)
8. Lie down on your back and relax, consciously going through all the parts of your body and turning off excess tension. 15 Minutes.
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