How to View and Print Desired Shabads

Please note that the Shabads given here are only from Siri Guru Granth Sahib and thus if the source of a Shabad you are trying to locate is other than Siri Guru Granth Sahib, such as, from Dasam Granth or Bani by Bhai Gurdaas or Nand Lal, then that Shabad can not be found here.

In these Gurbaanee Keertan web pages, there are 2275 shabad files in html format with corresponding pdf files, all taken from Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Besides a Shabad index in English (phonetic transliteration)  a set of Gurmukhi indices of 30 pages according to alphabet are also provided.  All references in each index follow an alphabetical order and so it should be easy to locate any desired Shabad visually.

To view and print shabads in the Table format, the user must have Adobe Acrobat Reader and WebAkharThick & WebLipiHeavy fonts installed in to his/her computer system. The pdf files are made without embedded fonts to keep the size of files to a minimum. NOTE: These fonts are not the same as used for the html documents.

  • Use the required index and locate the Shabad of your choice.
  • View the Shabad in the Regular format by clicking on the icon or word 'html' at the end of each shabad reference. To view the Shabad in the Table format, click on the icon or word 'pdf' next to the index line.
  • Print the Shabad in view like you print other documents. 
  • NOTE: The formatting of each shabad in the table format has been done in such a way, that in most cases, the Shabads will print on a single US letter size page (11" X 8.5"). However, some Shabads will require two or more pages. The Table format should be printed using the 'landscape page orientation'.