mayray saahibaa ha-o aapay bharam bhulaanee

bsMqu mhlw 1 ihMfol(1171-5)
basant mehlaa 1 hindol
Basant, First Mehl, Hindol

swhurVI vQu sBu ikCu swJI pyvkVY Dn vKy ]
saahurarhee vath sabh kichh saajhee payvkarhai Dhan vakhay.
In the House of the Husband Lord - in the world hereafter, everything is jointly owned; but in this world - in the house of the soul-bride's parents, the soul-bride owns them separately.

Awip kucjI dosu n dyaU jwxw nwhI rKy ]1]
aap kuchjee dos na day-oo jaanaa naahee rakhay. ||1||
She herself is ill-mannered; how can she blame anyone else? She does not know how to take care of these things. ||1||

myry swihbw hau Awpy Brim BulwxI ]
mayray saahibaa ha-o aapay bharam bhulaanee.
O my Lord and Master, I am deluded by doubt.

AKr ilKy syeI gwvw Avr n jwxw bwxI ]1] rhwau ]
akhar likhay say-ee gaavaa avar na jaanaa banee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
I sing the Word which You have written; I do not know any other Word. ||1||Pause||

kiF ksIdw pihrih colI qW qum@ jwxhu nwrI ]
kadh kaseedaa pahirahi cholee taaN tumH jaanhu naaree.
She alone is known as the Lord's bride, who embroiders her gown in the Name.

jy Gru rwKih burw n cwKih hovih kMq ipAwrI ]2]
jay ghar raakhahi buraa na chaakhahi hoveh kant pi-aaree. ||2||
She who preserves and protects the home of her own heart and does not taste of evil, shall be the Beloved of her Husband Lord. ||2||

jy qUM piVAw pMifqu bInw duie AKr duie nwvw ]
jay tooN parhi-aa pandit beenaa du-ay akhar du-ay naavaa.
If you are a learned and wise religious scholar, then make a boat of the letters of the Lord's Name.

pRxviq nwnku eyku lµGwey jy kir sic smwvW ]3]2]10]
paranvat naanak ayk langhaa-ay jay kar sach samaavaaN. ||3||2||10||
Prays Nanak, the One Lord shall carry you across, if you merge in the True Lord. ||3||2||10||