maaDho ham aisay too aisaa

soriT mhlw 5(613-10)
sorath mehlaa 5
Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl

hm mYly qum aUjl krqy hm inrgun qU dwqw ]
ham mailay tum oojal kartay ham nirgun too daataa.
We are filthy, and You are immaculate, O Creator Lord; we are worthless, and You are the Great Giver.

hm mUrK qum cqur isAwxy qU srb klw kw igAwqw ]1]
ham moorakh tum chatur si-aanay too sarab kalaa kaa gi-aataa. ||1||
We are fools, and You are wise and all-knowing. You are the knower of all things. ||1||

mwDo hm AYsy qU AYsw ]
maaDho ham aisay too aisaa.
O Lord, this is what we are, and this is what You are.

hm pwpI qum pwp KMfn nIko Twkur dysw ] rhwau ]
ham paapee tum paap khandan neeko thaakur daysaa. rahaa-o.
We are sinners, and You are the Destroyer of sins. Your abode is so beautiful, O Lord and Master. ||Pause||

qum sB swjy swij invwjy jIau ipMfu dy pRwnw ]
tum sabh saajay saaj nivaajay jee-o pind day paraanaa.
You fashion all, and having fashioned them, You bless them. You bestow upon them soul, body and the breath of life.

inrgunIAwry gunu nhI koeI qum dwnu dyhu imhrvwnw ]2]
nirgunee-aaray gun nahee ko-ee tum daan dayh miharvaanaa. ||2||
We are worthless - we have no virtue at all; please, bless us with Your gift, O Merciful Lordand Master. ||2||

qum krhu Blw hm Blo n jwnh qum sdw sdw dieAwlw ]
tum karahu bhalaa ham bhalo na jaanah tum sadaa sadaa da-i-aalaa.
You do good for us, but we do not see it as good; You are kind and compassionate, forever and ever.

qum suKdweI purK ibDwqy qum rwKhu Apuny bwlw ]3]
tum sukh-daa-ee purakh biDhaatay tum raakho apunay baalaa. ||3||
You are the Giver of peace, the Primal Lord, the Architect of Destiny; please, save us, Your children! ||3||

qum inDwn Atl suilqwn jIA jMq siB jwcY ]
tum niDhaan atal sulitaan jee-a jant sabh jaachai.
You are the treasure, eternal Lord King; all beings and creatures beg of You.

khu nwnk hm iehY hvwlw rwKu sMqn kY pwCY ]4]6]17]
kaho naanak ham ihai havaalaa raakh santan kai paachhai. ||4||6||17||
Says Nanak, such is our condition; please, Lord, keep us on the Path of the Saints. ||4||6||17||