mayray parabh kirpaa jal dayvhu har naa-ee

soriT mhlw 4(607-9)
sorath mehlaa 4
Sorat'h, Fourth Mehl

hir isau pRIiq AMqru mnu byiDAw hir ibnu rhxu n jweI ]
har si-o pareet antar man bayDhi-aa har bin rahan na jaa-ee.
The inner depths of my mind are pierced by love for the Lord; I cannot live without the Lord.

ijau mCulI ibnu nIrY ibnsY iqau nwmY ibnu mir jweI ]1]
ji-o machhulee bin neerai binsai ti-o naamai bin mar jaa-ee. ||1||
Just as the fish dies without water, I die without the Lord's Name. ||1||

myry pRB ikrpw jlu dyvhu hir nweI ]
mayray parabh kirpaa jal dayvhu har naa-ee.
O my God, please bless me with the water of Your Name.

hau AMqir nwmu mMgw idnu rwqI nwmy hI sWiq pweI ] rhwau ]
ha-o antar naam mangaa din raatee naamay hee saaNt paa-ee. rahaa-o.
I beg for Your Name, deep within myself, day and night; through the Name, I find peace. ||Pause||

ijau cwiqRku jl ibnu ibllwvY ibnu jl ipAws n jweI ]
ji-o chaatrik jal bin billaavai bin jal pi-aas na jaa-ee.
The song-bird cries out for lack of water - without water, its thirst cannot be quenched.

gurmuiK jlu pwvY suK shjy hirAw Bwie suBweI ]2]
gurmukh jal paavai sukh sehjay hari-aa bhaa-ay subhaa-ee. ||2||
The Gurmukh obtains the water of celestial bliss, and is rejuvenated, blossoming forth through the blessed Love of the Lord. ||2||

mnmuK BUKy dh ids folih ibnu nwvY duKu pweI ]
manmukh bhookhay dah dis doleh bin naavai dukh paa-ee.
The self-willed manmukhs are hungry, wandering around in the ten directions; without the Name, they suffer in pain.

jnim mrY iPir jonI AwvY drgih imlY sjweI ]3]
janam marai fir jonee aavai dargahi milai sajaa-ee. ||3||
They are born, only to die, and enter into reincarnation again; in the Court of the Lord, they are punished. ||3||

ik®pw krih qw hir gux gwvh hir rsu AMqir pweI ]
kirpaa karahi taa har gun gaavah har ras antar paa-ee.
But if the Lord shows His Mercy, then one comes to sing His Glorious Praises; deep within the nucleus of his own self, he finds the sublime essence of the Lord's elixir.

nwnk dIn dieAwl Bey hY iqRsnw sbid buJweI ]4]8]
naanak deen da-i-aal bha-ay hai tarisnaa sabad bujhaa-ee. ||4||8||
The Lord has become Merciful to meek Nanak, and through the Word of the Shabad, his desires are quenched. ||4||8||