nahee tul gobid naam Dhunay

swrg mhlw 5 ] (1229-14)
saarag mehlaa 5.
Saarang, Fifth Mehl:

kMcnw bhu dq krw ]
kanchnaa baho dat karaa.
You may make donations of gold,

BUim dwnu Arip Drw ]
bhoom daan arap Dharaa.
and give away land in charity

mn Aink soc pivqR krq ]
man anik soch pavitar karat.
and purify your mind in various ways,

nwhI ry nwm quil mn crn kml lwgy ]1] rhwau ]
naahee ray naam tul man charan kamal laagay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
but none of this is equal to the Lord's Name. Remain attached to the Lord's Lotus Feet. ||1||Pause||

cwir byd ijhv Bny ]
chaar bayd jihav bhanay.
You may recite the four Vedas with your tongue,

ds Ast Kst sRvn suny ]
das asat khasat sarvan sunay.
and listen to the eighteen Puraanas and the six Shaastras with your ears,

nhI quil goibd nwm Duny ]
nahee tul gobid naam Dhunay.
but these are not equal to the celestial melody of the Naam, the Name of the Lord of the Universe.

mn crn kml lwgy ]1]
man charan kamal laagay. ||1||
Remain attached to the Lord's Lotus Feet. ||1||

brq sMiD soc cwr ]
barat sanDh soch chaar.
You may observe fasts, and say your prayers, purify yourself

ik®Aw kuMit inrwhwr ]
kir-aa kunt niraahaar.
and do good deeds; you may go on pilgrimages everywhere and eat nothing at all.

Aprs krq pwkswr ]
apras karat paaksaar.
You may cook your food without touching anyone;

invlI krm bhu ibsQwr ]
nivlee karam baho bisthaar.
you may make a great show of cleansing techniques,

DUp dIp krqy hir nwm quil n lwgy ]
Dhoop deep kartay har naam tul na laagay.
and burn incense and devotional lamps, but none of these are equal to the Lord's Name.

rwm dieAwr suin dIn bynqI ]
raam da-i-aar sun deen bayntee.
O Merciful Lord, please hear the prayer of the meek and the poor.

dyhu drsu nYn pyKau jn nwnk nwm imst lwgy ]2]2]131]
dayh daras nain paykha-o jan naanak naam misat laagay. ||2||2||131||
Please grant me the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, that I may see You with my eyes. The Naam is so sweet to servant Nanak. ||2||2||131||