mayray saahibaa ka-un jaanai gun tayray

gauVI cyqI mhlw 1 ](156-9)
ga-orhee chaytee mehlaa 1.
Gauree Chaytee, First Mehl:

kq kI mweI bwpu kq kyrw ikdU Qwvhu hm Awey ]
kat kee maa-ee baap kat kayraa kidoo thaavhu ham aa-ay.
Who is our mother, and who is our father? Where did we come from?

Agin ibMb jl BIqir inpjy kwhy kMim aupwey ]1]
agan bimb jal bheetar nipjay kaahay kamm upaa-ay. ||1||
We are formed from the fire of the womb within, and the bubble of water of the sperm. For what purpose are we created? ||1||

myry swihbw kauxu jwxY gux qyry ]
mayray saahibaa ka-un jaanai gun tayray.
O my Master, who can know Your Glorious Virtues?

khy n jwnI Aaugx myry ]1] rhwau ]
kahay na jaanee a-ugan mayray. ||1|| rahaa-o.
My own demerits cannot be counted. ||1||Pause||

kyqy ruK ibrK hm cIny kyqy psU aupwey ]
kaytay rukh birakh ham cheenay kaytay pasoo upaa-ay.
I took the form of so many plants and trees, and so many animals.

kyqy nwg kulI mih Awey kyqy pMK aufwey ]2]
kaytay naag kulee meh aa-ay kaytay pankh udaa-ay. ||2||
Many times I entered the families of snakes and flying birds. ||2||

ht ptx ibj mMdr BMnY kir corI Gir AwvY ]
hat patan bij mandar bhannai kar choree ghar aavai.
I broke into the shops of the city and well-guarded palaces; stealing from them, I snuck home again.

Aghu dyKY ipChu dyKY quJ qy khw CpwvY ]3]
agahu daykhai pichhahu daykhai tujh tay kahaa chhapaavai. ||3||
I looked in front of me, and I looked behind me, but where could I hide from You? ||3||

qt qIrQ hm nv KMf dyKy ht ptx bwjwrw ]
tat tirath ham nav khand daykhay hat patan baajaaraa.
I saw the banks of sacred rivers, the nine continents, the shops and bazaars of the cities.

lY kY qkVI qolix lwgw Gt hI mih vxjwrw ]4]
lai kai takrhee tolan laagaa ghat hee meh vanjaaraa. ||4||
Taking the scale, the merchant begins to weigh his actions within his own heart. ||4||

jyqw smuMdu swgru nIir BirAw qyqy Aaugx hmwry ]
jaytaa samund saagar neer bhari-aa taytay a-ugan hamaaray.
As the seas and the oceans are overflowing with water, so vast are my own sins.

dieAw krhu ikCu imhr aupwvhu fubdy pQr qwry ]5]
da-i-aa karahu kichh mihar upaavhu dubday pathar taaray. ||5||
Please, shower me with Your Mercy, and take pity upon me. I am a sinking stone - please carry me across! ||5||

jIAVw Agin brwbir qpY BIqir vgY kwqI ]
jee-arhaa agan baraabar tapai bheetar vagai kaatee.
My soul is burning like fire, and the knife is cutting deep.

pRxviq nwnku hukmu pCwxY suKu hovY idnu rwqI ]6]5]17]
paranvat naanak hukam pachhaanai sukh hovai din raatee. ||6||5||17||
Prays Nanak, recognizing the Lord's Command, I am at peace, day and night. ||6||5||17||