mayray man aasaa kar jagdees gusaa-ee

rwgu goNf caupdy mhlw 4 Gru 1 ] (859-4)
raag gond cha-upday mehlaa 4 ghar 1.
Raag Gond, Chau-Padas, Fourth Mehl, First House:

jy min iciq Aws rKih hir aUpir qw mn icMdy Anyk Anyk Pl pweI ]
jay man chit aas rakheh har oopar taa man chinday anayk anayk fal paa-ee.
If, in his conscious mind, he places his hopes in the Lord, then he shall obtain the fruits of all the many desires of his mind.

hir jwxY sBu ikCu jo jIie vrqY pRBu GwilAw iksY kw ieku iqlu n gvweI ]
har jaanai sabh kichh jo jee-ay vartai parabh ghaali-aa kisai kaa ik til na gavaa-ee.
The Lord knows everything which happens to the soul. Not even an iota of one's effort goes to waste.

hir iqs kI Aws kIjY mn myry jo sB mih suAwmI rihAw smweI ]1]
har tis kee aas keejai man mayray jo sabh meh su-aamee rahi-aa samaa-ee. ||1||
Place your hopes in the Lord, O my mind; the Lord and Master is pervading and permeating all. ||1||

myry mn Awsw kir jgdIs gusweI ]
mayray man aasaa kar jagdees gusaa-ee.
O my mind, place your hopes in the Lord of the World, the Master of the Universe.

jo ibnu hir Aws Avr kwhU kI kIjY sw inhPl Aws sB ibrQI jweI ]1] rhwau ]
jo bin har aas avar kaahoo kee keejai saa nihfal aas sabh birthee jaa-ee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
That hope which is placed in any other than the Lord - that hope is fruitless, and totally useless. ||1||Pause||

jo dIsY mwieAw moh kutMbu sBu mq iqs kI Aws lig jnmu gvweI ]
jo deesai maa-i-aa moh kutamb sabh mat tis kee aas lag janam gavaa-ee.
That which you can see, Maya, and all attachment to family - don't place your hopes in them, or your life will be wasted and lost.

ien@ kY ikCu hwiQ nhI khw krih ieih bpuVy ien@ kw vwihAw kCu n vsweI ]
inH kai kichh haath nahee kahaa karahi ihi bapurhay inH kaa vaahi-aa kachh na vasaa-ee.
Nothing is in their hands; what can these poor creatures do? By their actions, nothing can be done.

myry mn Aws kir hir pRIqm Apuny kI jo quJu qwrY qyrw kutMbu sBu CfweI ]2]
mayray man aas kar har pareetam apunay kee jo tujh taarai tayraa kutamb sabh chhadaa-ee. ||2||
O my mind, place your hopes in the Lord, your Beloved, who shall carry you across, and save your whole family as well. ||2||

jy ikCu Aws Avr krih primqRI mq qUM jwxih qyrY ikqY kMim AweI ]
jay kichh aas avar karahi parmitree mat tooN jaaneh tayrai kitai kamm aa-ee.
If you place your hopes in any other, in any friend other than the Lord, then you shall come to know that it is of no use at all.

ieh Aws primqRI Bwau dUjw hY iKn mih JUTu ibnis sB jweI ]
ih aas parmitree bhaa-o doojaa hai khin meh jhooth binas sabh jaa-ee.
This hope placed in other friends comes from the love of duality. In an instant, it is gone; it is totally false.

myry mn Awsw kir hir pRIqm swcy kI jo qyrw GwilAw sBu Qwie pweI ]3]
mayray man aasaa kar har pareetam saachay kee jo tayraa ghaali-aa sabh thaa-ay paa-ee. ||3||
O my mind, place your hopes in the Lord, your True Beloved, who shall approve and reward you for all your efforts. ||3||

Awsw mnsw sB qyrI myry suAwmI jYsI qU Aws krwvih qYsI ko Aws krweI ]
aasaa mansaa sabh tayree mayray su-aamee jaisee too aas karaaveh taisee ko aas karaa-ee.
Hope and desire are all Yours, O my Lord and Master. As You inspire hope, so are the hopes held.

ikCu iksI kY hiQ nwhI myry suAwmI AYsI myrY siqguir bUJ buJweI ]
kichh kisee kai hath naahee mayray su-aamee aisee mayrai satgur boojh bujhaa-ee.
Nothing is in the hands of anyone, O my Lord and Master; such is the understanding the True Guru has given me to understand.

jn nwnk kI Aws qU jwxih hir drsnu dyiK hir drsin iqRpqweI ]4]1]
jan naanak kee aas too jaaneh har darsan daykh har darsan tariptaa-ee. ||4||1||
You alone know the hope of servant Nanak, O Lord; gazing upon the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan, he is satisfied. ||4||1||