mar na jaahee jinaa bisrat raam

gauVI mhlw 5 ] (188-5)
ga-orhee mehlaa 5.
Gauree, Fifth Mehl:

dulB dyh pweI vfBwgI ]
dulabh dayh paa-ee vadbhaagee.
This human body is so difficult to obtain; it is only obtained by great good fortune.

nwmu n jpih qy Awqm GwqI ]1]
naam na jaapeh tay aatam ghaatee. ||1||
Those who do not meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, are murderers of the soul. ||1||

mir n jwhI ijnw ibsrq rwm ]
mar na jaahee jinaa bisrat raam.
Those who forget the Lord might just as well die.

nwm ibhUn jIvn kaun kwm ]1] rhwau ]
naam bihoon jeevan ka-un kaam. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Without the Naam, of what use are their lives? ||1||Pause||

Kwq pIq Kylq hsq ibsQwr ]
khaat peet khaylat hasat bisthaar.
Eating, drinking, playing, laughing and showing off

kvn ArQ imrqk sIgwr ]2]
kavan arath mirtak seegaar. ||2||
- what use are the ostentatious displays of the dead? ||2||

jo n sunih jsu prmwnµdw ]
jo na suneh jas parmaanandaa.
Those who do not listen to the Praises of the Lord of supreme bliss,

psu pMKI iqRgd join qy mMdw ]3]
pas pankhee tarigad jon tay mandaa. ||3||
are worse off than beasts, birds or creeping creatures. ||3||

khu nwnk guir mMqRü idRVwieAw ]
kaho naanak gur mantar drirh-aa-i-aa.
Says Nanak, the GurMantra has been implanted within me;

kyvl nwmu ird mwih smwieAw ]4]42]111]
kayval naam rid maahi samaa-i-aa. ||4||42||111||
the Name alone is contained within my heart. ||4||42||111||