nit nit da-yu samaalee-ai

mwJ mhlw 5 Gru 2 ] (132-8)
maajh mehlaa 5 ghar 2.
Maajh, Fifth Mehl, Second House:

inq inq dXu smwlIAY ]
nit nit da-yu samaalee-ai.
Continually, continuously, remember the Merciful Lord.

mUil n mnhu ivswrIAY ] rhwau ]
mool na manhu visaaree-ai. rahaa-o.
Never forget Him from your mind. ||Pause||

sMqw sMgiq pweIAY ]
santaa sangat paa-ee-ai.
Join the Society of the Saints,

ijqu jm kY pMiQ n jweIAY ]
jit jam kai panth na jaa-ee-ai.
and you shall not have to go down the path of Death.

qosw hir kw nwmu lY qyry kulih n lwgY gwil jIau ]1]
tosaa har kaa naam lai tayray kuleh na laagai gaal jee-o. ||1||
Take the Provisions of the Lord's Name with you, and no stain shall attach itself to your family. ||1||

jo ismrMdy sWeIAY ]
jo simranday saaN-ee-ai.
Those who meditate on the Master

nrik n syeI pweIAY ]
narak na say-ee paa-ee-ai.
shall not be thrown down into hell.

qqI vwau n lgeI ijn min vuTw Awie jIau ]2]
tatee vaa-o na lag-ee jin man vuthaa aa-ay jee-o. ||2||
Even the hot winds shall not touch them. The Lord has come to dwell within their minds. ||2||

syeI suMdr sohxy ]
say-ee sundar sohnay.
They alone are beautiful and attractive,

swDsMig ijn bYhxy ]
saaDhsang jin baihnay.
who abide in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

hir Dnu ijnI sMijAw syeI gMBIr Apwr jIau ]3]
har Dhan jinee sanji-aa say-ee gambheer apaar jee-o. ||3||
Those who have gathered in the wealth of the Lord's Name-they alone are deep and thoughtful and vast. ||3||

hir Aimau rswiexu pIvIAY ]
har ami-o rasaa-in peevee-ai.
Drink in the Ambrosial Essence of the Name,

muih ifTY jn kY jIvIAY ]
muhi dithai jan kai jeevee-ai.
and live by beholding the face of the Lord's servant.

kwrj siB svwir lY inq pUjhu gur ky pwv jIau ]4]
kaaraj sabh savaar lai nit poojahu gur kay paav jee-o. ||4||
Let all your affairs be resolved, by continually worshipping the Feet of the Guru. ||4||

jo hir kIqw Awpxw ] iqnih gusweI jwpxw ]
jo har keetaa aapnaa. tineh gusaa-ee jaapnaa.
He alone meditates on the Lord of the World, whom the Lord has made His Own.

so sUrw prDwnu so msqik ijs dY Bwgu jIau ]5]
so sooraa parDhaan so mastak jis dai bhaag jee-o. ||5||
He alone is a warrior, and he alone is the chosen one, upon whose forehead good destiny is recorded. ||5||

mn mMDy pRBu AvgwhIAw ]
man manDhay parabh avgaahee-aa.
Within my mind, I meditate on God.

eyih rs Bogx pwiqswhIAw ]
ayhi ras bhogan paatisaahee-aa.
For me, this is like the enjoyment of princely pleasures.

mMdw mUil n aupijE qry scI kwrY lwig jIau ]6]
mandaa mool na upji-o taray sachee kaarai laag jee-o. ||6||
Evil does not well up within me, since I am saved, and dedicated to truthful actions. ||6||

krqw mMin vswieAw ]
kartaa man vasaa-i-aa.
I have enshrined the Creator within my mind;

jnmY kw Plu pwieAw ]
janmai kaa fal paa-i-aa.
I have obtained the fruits of life's rewards.

min BwvMdw kMqu hir qyrw iQru hoAw sohwgu jIau ]7]
man bhaavandaa kant har tayraa thir ho-aa sohaag jee-o. ||7||
If your Husband Lord is pleasing to your mind, then your married life shall be eternal. ||7||

Atl pdwrQu pwieAw ]
atal padaarath paa-i-aa.
I have obtained everlasting wealth;

BY BMjn kI srxwieAw ]
bhai bhanjan kee sarnaa-i-aa.
I have found the Sanctuary of the Dispeller of fear.

lwie AMcil nwnk qwirAnu ijqw jnmu Apwr jIau ]8]4]38]
laa-ay anchal naanak taari-an jitaa janam apaar jee-o. ||8||4||38||
Grasping hold of the hem of the Lord's robe, Nanak is saved. He has won the incomparable life. ||8||4||38||