nirDhan ka-o tum dayvhu Dhanaa

BYrau mhlw 5 ] (1146-1)
bhairo mehlaa 5.
Bhairao, Fifth Mehl:

inrDn kau qum dyvhu Dnw ]
nirDhan ka-o tum dayvhu Dhanaa.
You bless the poor with wealth, O Lord.

Aink pwp jwih inrml mnw ]
anik paap jaahi nirmal manaa.
Countless sins are taken away, and the mind becomes immaculate and pure.

sgl mnorQ pUrn kwm ]
sagal manorath pooran kaam.
All the mind's desires are fulfilled, and one's tasks are perfectly accomplished.

Bgq Apuny kau dyvhu nwm ]1]
bhagat apunay ka-o dayvhu naam. ||1||
You bestow Your Name upon Your devotee. ||1||

sPl syvw gopwl rwie ]
safal sayvaa gopaal raa-ay.
Service to the Lord, our Sovereign King, is fruitful and rewarding.

krn krwvnhwr suAwmI qw qy ibrQw koie n jwie ]1] rhwau ]
karan karaavanhaar su-aamee taa tay birthaa ko-ay na jaa-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Our Lord and Master is the Creator, the Cause of causes; no one is turned away from His Door empty-handed. ||1||Pause||

rogI kw pRB KMfhu rogu ]
rogee kaa parabh khandahu rog.
God eradicates the disease from the diseased person.

duKIey kw imtwvhu pRB sogu ]
dukhee-ay kaa mitaavhu parabh sog.
God takes away the sorrows of the suffering.

inQwvy kau qum@ Qwin bYTwvhu ]
nithaavay ka-o tumH thaan baithaavahu.
And those who have no place at all - You seat them upon the place.

dws Apny kau BgqI lwvhu ]2]
daas apnay ka-o bhagtee laavhu. ||2||
You link Your slave to devotional worship. ||2||

inmwxy kau pRB dyqo mwnu ]
nimaanay ka-o parabh dayto maan.
God bestows honor on the dishonored.

mUV mugDu hoie cqur suigAwnu ]
moorh mugaDh ho-ay chatur sugi-aan.
He makes the foolish and ignorant become clever and wise.

sgl BieAwn kw Bau nsY ]
sagal bha-i-aan kaa bha-o nasai.
The fear of all fear disappears.

jn Apny kY hir min bsY ]3]
jan apnay kai har man basai. ||3||
The Lord dwells within the mind of His humble servant. ||3||

pwrbRhm pRB sUK inDwn ]
paarbarahm parabh sookh niDhaan.
The Supreme Lord God is the Treasure of Peace.

qqu igAwnu hir AMimRq nwm ]
tat gi-aan har amrit naam.
The Ambrosial Name of the Lord is the essence of reality.

kir ikrpw sMq thlY lwey ]
kar kirpaa sant tahlai laa-ay.
Granting His Grace, He enjoins the mortals to serve the Saints.

nwnk swDU sMig smwey ]4]23]36]
naanak saaDhoo sang samaa-ay. ||4||23||36||
O Nanak, such a person merges in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. ||4||23||36||