neekee raam kee Dhun so-ay

swrg mhlw 5 ] (1228-7)
saarag mehlaa 5.
Saarang, Fifth Mehl:

nIkI rwm kI Duin soie ]
neekee raam kee Dhun so-ay.
The Lord's melody is noble and sublime.

crn kml AnUp suAwmI jpq swDU hoie ]1] rhwau ]
charan kamal anoop su-aamee japat saaDhoo ho-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
The Lotus Feet of my Lord and Master are incomparably beautiful. Meditating on them, one becomes Holy. ||1||Pause||

icqvqw gopwl drsn klmlw kFu Doie ]
chitvataa gopaal darsan kalmalaa kadh Dho-ay.
Just by thinking of the Darshan, the Blessed Vision of the Lord of the World, the dirty sins are washed away.

jnm mrn ibkwr AMkur hir kwit Cwfy Koie ]1]
janam maran bikaar ankur har kaat chhaaday kho-ay. ||1||
The Lord cuts down and weeds out the corruption of the cycle of birth and death. ||1||

prw pUrib ijsih iliKAw ibrlw pwey koie ]
paraa poorab jisahi likhi-aa birlaa paa-ay ko-ay.
How rare is that person who has such pre-ordained destiny, to find the Lord.

rvx gux gopwl krqy nwnkw scu joie ]2]102]125]
ravan gun gopaal kartay naankaa sach jo-ay. ||2||102||125||
Chanting the Glorious Praises of the Creator, the Lord of the Universe - O Nanak, this is Truth. ||2||102||125||