maanak paa-i-o ray paa-i-o har pooraa paa-i-aa thaa

mwrU mhlw 5 ] (1002-3)
maaroo mehlaa 5.
Maaroo, Fifth Mehl:

bwhir FUFn qy CUit pry guir Gr hI mwih idKwieAw Qw ]
baahar dhoodhan tay chhoot paray gur ghar hee maahi dikhaa-i-aa thaa.
I have quit searching outside; the Guru has shown me that God is within the home of my own heart.

AnBau Acrj rUpu pRB pyiKAw myrw mnu Coif n kqhU jwieAw Qw ]1]
anbha-o achraj roop parabh paykhi-aa mayraa man chhod na kathoo jaa-i-aa thaa. ||1||
I have seen God, fearless, of wondrous beauty; my mind shall never leave Him to go anywhere else. ||1||

mwnku pwieE ry pwieE hir pUrw pwieAw Qw ]
maanak paa-i-o ray paa-i-o har pooraa paa-i-aa thaa.
I have found the jewel; I have found the Perfect Lord.

moil Amolu n pwieAw jweI kir ikrpw gurU idvwieAw Qw ]1] rhwau ]
mol amol na paa-i-aa jaa-ee kar kirpaa guroo divaa-i-aa thaa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
The invaluable value cannot be obtained; in His Mercy, the Guru bestows it. ||1||Pause||

Aidstu Agocru pwrbRhmu imil swDU AkQu kQwieAw Qw ]
adisat agochar paarbarahm mil saaDhoo akath kathaa-i-aa thaa.
The Supreme Lord God is imperceptible and unfathomable; meeting the Holy Saint, I speak the Unspoken Speech.

Anhd sbdu dsm duAwir vijE qh AMimRq nwmu cuAwieAw Qw ]2]
anhad sabad dasam du-aar vaji-o tah amrit naam chu-aa-i-aa thaa. ||2||
The unstruck sound current of the Shabad vibrates and resounds in the Tenth Gate; the Ambrosial Naam trickles down there. ||2||

qoit nwhI min iqRsnw bUJI AKut BMfwr smwieAw Qw ]
tot naahee man tarisnaa boojhee akhut bhandaar samaa-i-aa thaa.
I lack nothing; the thirsty desires of my mind are satisfied. The inexhaustible treasure has entered into my being.

crx crx crx gur syvy AGVu GiVE rsu pwieAw Qw ]3]
charan charan charan gur sayvay agharh gharhi-o ras paa-i-aa thaa. ||3||
I serve the feet, the feet, the feet of the Guru, and manage the unmanageable. I have found the juice, the sublime essence. ||3||

shjy Awvw shjy jwvw shjy mnu KylwieAw Qw ]
sehjay aavaa sehjay jaavaa sehjay man khaylaa-i-aa thaa.
Intuitively I come, and intuively I go; my mind intuitively plays.

khu nwnk Brmu guir KoieAw qw hir mhlI mhlu pwieAw Qw ]4]3]12]
kaho naanak bharam gur kho-i-aa taa har mahlee mahal paa-i-aa thaa. ||4||3||12||
Says Nanak, when the Guru drives out doubt, then the soul-bride enters the Mansion of the Lord's Presence. ||4||3||12||