man kee man hee maahi rahee

soriT mhlw 9 ] (631-14)
sorath mehlaa 9.
Sorat'h, Ninth Mehl:

mn kI mn hI mwih rhI ]
man kee man hee maahi rahee.
The mind remains in the mind.

nw hir Bjy n qIrQ syvy cotI kwil ghI ]1] rhwau ]
naa har bhajay na tirath sayvay chotee kaal gahee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
He does not meditate on the Lord, nor does he perform service at sacred shrines, and so death seizes him by the hair. ||1||Pause||

dwrw mIq pUq rQ sMpiq Dn pUrn sB mhI ]
daaraa meet poot rath sampat Dhan pooran sabh mahee.
Wife, friends, children, carriages, property, total wealth, the entire world

Avr sgl imiQAw ey jwnau Bjnu rwmu ko shI ]1]
avar sagal mithi-aa ay jaan-o bhajan raam ko sahee. ||1||
- know that all of these things are false. The Lord's meditation alone is true. ||1||

iPrq iPrq bhuqy jug hwirE mwns dyh lhI ]
firat firat bahutay jug haari-o maanas dayh lahee.
Wandering, wandering around for so many ages, he has grown weary, and finally, he obtained this human body.

nwnk khq imln kI brIAw ismrq khw nhI ]2]2]
naanak kahat milan kee baree-aa simrat kahaa nahee. ||2||2||
Says Nanak, this is the opportunity to meet the Lord; why don't you remember Him in meditation? ||2||2||