man mayri-aa too sadaa sach samaal jee-o

vfhMsu mhlw 3 ] (569-5)
vad-hans mehlaa 3.
Wadahans, Third Mehl:

mn myirAw qU sdw scu smwil jIau ]
man mayri-aa too sadaa sach samaal jee-o.
O my mind, contemplate the True Lord forever.

AwpxY Gir qU suiK vsih poih n skY jmkwlu jIau ]
aapnai ghar too sukh vaseh pohi na sakai jamkaal jee-o.
Dwell in peace in the home of your own self, and the Messenger of Death shall not touch you.

kwlu jwlu jmu joih n swkY swcY sbid ilv lwey ]
kaal jaal jam johi na saakai saachai sabad liv laa-ay.
The noose of the Messenger of Death shall not touch you, when you embrace love for the True Word of the Shabad.

sdw sic rqw mnu inrmlu Awvxu jwxu rhwey ]
sadaa sach rataa man nirmal aavan jaan rahaa-ay.
Ever imbued with the True Lord, the mind becomes immaculate, and its coming and going is ended.

dUjY Bwie Brim ivguqI mnmuiK mohI jmkwil ]
doojai bhaa-ay bharam vigutee manmukh mohee jamkaal.
The love of duality and doubt have ruined the self-willed manmukh, who is lured away by the Messenger of Death.

khY nwnku suix mn myry qU sdw scu smwil ]1]
kahai naanak sun man mayray too sadaa sach samaal. ||1||
Says Nanak, listen, O my mind: contemplate the True Lord forever. ||1||

mn myirAw AMqir qyrY inDwnu hY bwhir vsqu n Bwil ]
man mayri-aa antar tayrai niDhaan hai baahar vasat na bhaal.
O my mind, the treasure is within you; do not search for it on the outside.

jo BwvY so BuMic qU gurmuiK ndir inhwil ]
jo bhaavai so bhunch too gurmukh nadar nihaal.
Eat only that which is pleasing to the Lord, and as Gurmukh, receive the blessing of His Glance of Grace.

gurmuiK ndir inhwil mn myry AMqir hir nwmu sKweI ]
gurmukh nadar nihaal man mayray antar har naam sakhaa-ee.
As Gurmukh, receive the blessing of His Glance of Grace, O my mind; the Name of the Lord, your help and support, is within you.

mnmuK AMDuly igAwn ivhUxy dUjY Bwie KuAweI ]
manmukh anDhulay gi-aan vihoonay doojai bhaa-ay khu-aa-ee.
The self-willed manmukhs are blind, and devoid of wisdom; they are ruined by the love of duality.

ibnu nwvY ko CUtY nwhI sB bwDI jmkwil ]
bin naavai ko chhootai naahee sabh baaDhee jamkaal.
Without the Name, no one is emancipated. All are bound by the Messenger of Death.

nwnk AMqir qyrY inDwnu hY qU bwhir vsqu n Bwil ]2]
naanak antar tayrai niDhaan hai too baahar vasat na bhaal. ||2||
O Nanak, the treasure is within you; do not search for it on the outside. ||2||

mn myirAw jnmu pdwrQu pwie kY ieik sic lgy vwpwrw ]
man mayri-aa janam padaarath paa-ay kai ik sach lagay vaapaaraa.
O my mind, obtaining the blessing of this human birth, some are engaged in the trade of Truth.

siqguru syvin Awpxw AMqir sbdu Apwrw ]
satgur sayvan aapnaa antar sabad apaaraa.
They serve their True Guru, and the Infinite Word of the Shabad resounds within them.

AMqir sbdu Apwrw hir nwmu ipAwrw nwmy nau iniD pweI ]
antar sabad apaaraa har naam pi-aaraa naamay na-o niDh paa-ee.
Within them is the Infinite Shabad, and the Beloved Naam, the Name of the Lord; through the Naam, the nine treasures are obtained.

mnmuK mwieAw moh ivAwpy dUiK sMqwpy dUjY piq gvweI ]
manmukh maa-i-aa moh vi-aapay dookh santaapay doojai pat gavaa-ee.
The self-willed manmukhs are engrossed in emotional attachment to Maya; they suffer in pain, and through duality, they lose their honor.

haumY mwir sic sbid smwxy sic rqy AiDkweI ]
ha-umai maar sach sabad samaanay sach ratay aDhikaa-ee.
But those who conquer their ego, and merge in the True Shabad, are totally imbued with Truth.

nwnk mwxs jnmu dulÁBu hY siqguir bUJ buJweI ]3]
naanak maanas janam dulambh hai satgur boojh bujhaa-ee. ||3||
O Nanak, it is so difficult to obtain this human life; the True Guru imparts this understanding. ||3||

mn myry siqguru syvin Awpxw sy jn vfBwgI rwm ]
man mayray satgur sayvan aapnaa say jan vadbhaagee raam.
O my mind, those who serve their True Guru are the most fortunate beings.

jo mnu mwrih Awpxw sy purK bYrwgI rwm ]
jo man maareh aapnaa say purakh bairaagee raam.
Those who conquer their minds are beings of renunciation and detachment.

sy jn bYrwgI sic ilv lwgI Awpxw Awpu pCwixAw ]
say jan bairaagee sach liv laagee aapnaa aap pachhaani-aa.
They are beings of renunciation and detachment, who lovingly focus their consciousness on the True Lord; they realize and understand their own selves.

miq inhcl Aiq gUVI gurmuiK shjy nwmu vKwixAw ]
mat nihchal at goorhee gurmukh sehjay naam vakhaani-aa.
Their intellect is steady, deep and profound; as Gurmukh, they naturally chant the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

iek kwmix ihqkwrI mwieAw moih ipAwrI mnmuK soie rhy ABwgy ]
ik kaaman hitkaaree maa-i-aa mohi pi-aaree manmukh so-ay rahay abhaagay.
Some are lovers of beautiful young women; emotional attachment to Maya is very dear to them. The unfortunate self-willed manmukhs remain asleep.

nwnk shjy syvih guru Apxw sy pUry vfBwgy ]4]3]
naanak sehjay sayveh gur apnaa say pooray vadbhaagay. ||4||3||
O Nanak, those who intuitively serve their Guru, have perfect destiny. ||4||3||