maa-ee charan gur meethay

tofI mhlw 5 ] (717-9)
todee mehlaa 5.
Todee, Fifth Mehl:

mweI crn gur mITy ]
maa-ee charan gur meethay.
O mother, the Guru's feet are so sweet.

vfY Bwig dyvY prmysru koit Plw drsn gur fITy ] rhwau ]
vadai bhaag dayvai parmaysar kot falaa darsan gur deethay. rahaa-o.
By great good fortune, the Transcendent Lord has blessed me with them. Millions of rewards come from the Blessed Vision of the Guru's Darshan. ||Pause||

gun gwvq Acuq AibnwsI kwm k®oD ibnsy md FITy ]
gun gaavat achut abhinaasee kaam kroDh binsay mad dheethay.
Singing the Glorious Praises of the imperishable, indestructible Lord, sexual desire, anger and stubborn pride vanish.

AsiQr Bey swc rMig rwqy jnm mrn bwhuir nhI pITy ]1]
asthir bha-ay saach rang raatay janam maran baahur nahee peethay. ||1||
Those who are imbued with the Love of the True Lord become permanent and eternal; birth and death do not grind them down any more. ||1||

ibnu hir Bjn rMg rs jyqy sMq dieAwl jwny siB JUTy ]
bin har bhajan rang ras jaytay sant da-i-aal jaanay sabh jhoothay.
Without the Lord's meditation, all joys and pleasures are totally false and worthless; by the Kind Mercy of the Saints, I know this.

nwm rqnu pwieE jn nwnk nwm ibhUn cly siB mUTy ]2]8]27]
naam ratan paa-i-o jan naanak naam bihoon chalay sabh moothay. ||2||8||27||
Servant Nanak has found the jewel of the Naam; without the Naam, all must depart, cheated and plundered. ||2||8||27||