maa-ee mayray man kee pareet

tofI mhlw 5 ] (716-6)
todee mehlaa 5.
Todee, Fifth Mehl:

mweI myry mn kI pRIiq ]
maa-ee mayray man kee pareet.
O my mother, my mind is in love.

eyhI krm Drm jp eyhI rwm nwm inrml hY rIiq ] rhwau ]
ayhee karam Dharam jap ayhee raam naam nirmal hai reet. rahaa-o.
This is my karma and my Dharma; this is my meditation. The Lord's Name is my immaculate, unstained way of life. ||Pause||

pRwn ADwr jIvn Dn morY dyKn kau drsn pRB nIiq ]
paraan aDhaar jeevan Dhan morai daykhan ka-o darsan parabh neet.
The Support of my breath of life, the wealth of my life, is to gaze upon the Blessed Vision of God's Darshan.

bwt Gwt qosw sMig morY mn Apuny kau mY hir sKw kIq ]1]
baat ghaat tosaa sang morai man apunay ka-o mai har sakhaa keet. ||1||
On the road, and on the river, these supplies are always with me. I have made my mind the Lord's companion. ||1||

sMq pRswid Bey mn inrml kir ikrpw Apuny kir lIq ]
sant parsaad bha-ay man nirmal kar kirpaa apunay kar leet.
By the Grace of the Saints, my mind has become immaculate and pure. In His mercy, He has made me His own.

ismir ismir nwnk suKu pwieAw Awid jugwid Bgqn ky mIq ]2]2]21]
simar simar naanak sukh paa-i-aa aad jugaad bhagtan kay meet. ||2||2||21||
Remembering, remembering Him in meditation, Nanak has found peace. From the very beginning, and throughout the ages, He is the friend of His devotees. ||2||2||21||