maa-ee mayray man kee pi-aas

tofI mÚ 5 ] (716-17)
todee mehlaa 5.
Todee, Fifth Mehl:

mweI myry mn kI ipAws ]
maa-ee mayray man kee pi-aas.
O my mother, my mind is so thirsty.

ieku iKnu rih n skau ibnu pRIqm drsn dyKn kau DwrI min Aws ] rhwau ]
ik khin reh na saka-o bin pareetam darsan daykhan ka-o Dhaaree man aas. rahaa-o.
I cannot survive, even for an instant, without my Beloved. My mind is filled with the desire to behold the Blessed Vision of His Darshan. ||Pause||

ismrau nwmu inrMjn krqy mn qn qy siB iklivK nws ]
simra-o naam niranjan kartay man tan tay sabh kilvikh naas.
I meditate in remembrance on the Naam, the Name of the immaculate Creator Lord; all the sins and errors of my mind and body are washed away.

pUrn pwrbRhm suKdwqy AibnwsI ibml jw ko jws ]1]
pooran paarbarahm sukh-daatay abhinaasee bimal jaa ko jaas. ||1||
The Perfect Supreme Lord God, the eternal, imperishable Giver of peace - spotless and pure are His Praises. ||1||

sMq pRswid myry pUr mnorQ kir ikrpw Byty guxqws ]
sant parsaad mayray poor manorath kar kirpaa bhaytay guntaas.
By the Grace of the Saints, my desires have been fulfilled; in His Mercy, the Lord, the treasure of virtue, has met me.

sWiq shj sUK min aupijE koit sUr nwnk prgws ]2]5]24]
saaNt sahj sookh man upji-o kot soor naanak pargaas. ||2||5||24||
Peace and tranquility, poise and pleasure, have welled up within my mind; millions of suns, O Nanak, illuminate me. ||2||5||24||