maa-ee ree aan simar mar jaaNhi

swrg mhlw 5 ] (1225-14)
saarag mehlaa 5.
Saarang, Fifth Mehl:

mweI rI Awn ismir mir jWih ]
maa-ee ree aan simar mar jaaNhi.
O mother, by meditating in remembrance on some other, the mortal dies.

iqAwig goibdu jIAn ko dwqw mwieAw sMig lptwih ]1] rhwau ]
ti-aag gobid jee-an ko daataa maa-i-aa sang laptaahi. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Forsaking the Lord of the Universe, the Giver of souls, the mortal is engrossed and entangled in Maya. ||1||Pause||

nwmu ibswir clih An mwrig nrk Gor mih pwih ]
naam bisaar chaleh an maarag narak ghor meh paahi.
Forgetting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, he walks on some other path, and falls into the most horrible hell.

Aink sjWeI gxq n AwvY grBY griB BRmwih ]1]
anik sajaaN-ee ganat na aavai garbhai garabh bharmaahi. ||1||
He suffers uncounted punishments, and wanders from womb to womb in reincarnation. ||1||

sy DnvMqy sy piqvMqy hir kI srix smwih ]
say Dhanvantay say pativantay har kee saran samaahi.
They alone are wealthy, and they alone are honorable, who are absorbed in the Sanctuary of the Lord.

gur pRswid nwnk jgu jIiqE bhuir n Awvih jWih ]2]88]111]
gur parsaad naanak jag jeeti-o bahur na aavahi jaaNhi. ||2||88||111||
By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, they conquer the world; they do not come and go in reincarnation ever again. ||2||88||111||