maatee tay jin saaji-aa kar durlabh dayh

iblwvlu mhlw 5 ] (812-12)
bilaaval mehlaa 5.
Bilaaval, Fifth Mehl:

mwtI qy ijin swijAw kir durlB dyh ]
maatee tay jin saaji-aa kar durlabh dayh.
He fashioned you from clay, and made your priceless body.

Aink iCdR mn mih Fky inrml idRstyh ]1]
anik chhidar man meh dhakay nirmal daristayh. ||1||
He covers the many faults in your mind, and makes you look immaculate and pure. ||1||

ikau ibsrY pRBu mnY qy ijs ky gux eyh ]
ki-o bisrai parabh manai tay jis kay gun ayh.
So why do you forget God from your mind? He has done so many good things for you.

pRB qij rcy ij Awn isau so rlIAY Kyh ]1] rhwau ]
parabh taj rachay je aan si-o so ralee-ai khayh. ||1|| rahaa-o.
One who forsakes God, and blends himself with another, in the end is blended with dust. ||1||Pause||

ismrhu ismrhu swis swis mq iblm kryh ]
simrahu simrahu saas saas mat bilam karayh.
Meditate, meditate in remembrance with each and every breath - do not delay!

Coif pRpMcu pRB isau rchu qij kUVy nyh ]2]
chhod parpanch parabh si-o rachahu taj koorhay nayh. ||2||
Renounce worldly affairs, and merge yourself into God; forsake false loves. ||2||

ijin Aink eyk bhu rMg kIey hY hosI eyh ]
jin anik ayk baho rang kee-ay hai hosee ayh.
He is many, and He is One; He takes part in the many plays. This is as He is, and shall be.

kir syvw iqsu pwrbRhm gur qy miq lyh ]3]
kar sayvaa tis paarbarahm gur tay mat layh. ||3||
So serve that Supreme Lord God, and accept the Guru's Teachings. ||3||

aUcy qy aUcw vfw sB sMig brnyh ]
oochay tay oochaa vadaa sabh sang barnayh.
God is said to be the highest of the high, the greatest of all, our companion.

dws dws ko dwsrw nwnk kir lyh ]4]17]47]
daas daas ko daasraa naanak kar layh. ||4||17||47||
Please, let Nanak be the slave of the slave of Your slaves. ||4||17||47||