man tan tayree tayk hai pi-aaray man tan tayree tayk

soriT mhlw 5 ] (640-14)
sorath mehlaa 5.
Sorat'h, Fifth Mehl:

mwq grB duK swgro ipAwry qh Apxw nwmu jpwieAw ]
maat garabh dukh saagro pi-aaray tah apnaa naam japaa-i-aa.
The womb of the mother is an ocean of pain, O Beloved; even there, the Lord causes His Name to be chanted.

bwhir kwiF ibKu psrIAw ipAwry mwieAw mohu vDwieAw ]
baahar kaadh bikh pasree-aa pi-aaray maa-i-aa moh vaDhaa-i-aa.
When he emerges, he finds corruption pervading everywhere, O Beloved, and he becomes increasingly attached to Maya.

ijs no kIqo krmu Awip ipAwry iqsu pUrw gurU imlwieAw ]
jis no keeto karam aap pi-aaray tis pooraa guroo milaa-i-aa.
One whom the Lord blesses with His kind favor, O Beloved, meets the Perfect Guru.

so AwrwDy swis swis ipAwry rwm nwm ilv lwieAw ]1]
so aaraaDhay saas saas pi-aaray raam naam liv laa-i-aa. ||1||
He worships the Lord in adoration with each and every breath, O Beloved; he is lovingly attached to the Lord's Name. ||1||

min qin qyrI tyk hY ipAwry min qin qyrI tyk ]
man tan tayree tayk hai pi-aaray man tan tayree tayk.
You are the support of my mind and body, O Beloved; You are the support of my mind and body.

quDu ibnu Avru n krnhwru ipAwry AMqrjwmI eyk ] rhwau ]
tuDh bin avar na karanhaar pi-aaray antarjaamee ayk. rahaa-o.
There is no other Creator except for You, O Beloved; You alone are the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts. ||Pause||

koit jnm BRim AwieAw ipAwry Aink join duKu pwie ]
kot janam bharam aa-i-aa pi-aaray anik jon dukh paa-ay.
After wandering in doubt for millions of incarnations, he comes into the world, O Beloved; for uncounted lifetimes, he has suffered in pain.

swcw swihbu ivsirAw ipAwry bhuqI imlY sjwie ]
saachaa saahib visri-aa pi-aaray bahutee milai sajaa-ay.
He has forgotten his True Lord and Master, O Beloved, and so he suffers terrible punishment.

ijn BytY pUrw siqgurU ipAwry sy lwgy swcY nwie ]
jin bhaytai pooraa satguroo pi-aaray say laagay saachai naa-ay.
Those who meet with the Perfect True Guru, O Beloved, are attached to the True Name.

iqnw ipCY CutIAY ipAwry jo swcI srxwie ]2]
tinaa pichhai chhutee-ai pi-aaray jo saachee sarnaa-ay. ||2||
We are saved by following those, O Beloved, who seek the Sanctuary of the True Lord. ||2||

imTw kir kY KwieAw ipAwry iqin qin kIqw rogu ]
mithaa kar kai khaa-i-aa pi-aaray tin tan keetaa rog.
He thinks that his food is so sweet, O Beloved, but it makes his body ill.

kauVw hoie piqsitAw ipAwry iqs qy aupijAw sogu ]
ka-urhaa ho-ay patisati-aa pi-aaray tis tay upji-aa sog.
It turns out to be bitter, O Beloved, and it produces only sadness.

Bog BuMcwie BulwieAnu ipAwry auqrY nhI ivjogu ]
bhog bhunchaa-ay bhulaa-i-an pi-aaray utrai nahee vijog.
The Lord leads him astray in the enjoyment of pleasures, O Beloved, and so his sense of separation does not depart.

jo gur myil auDwirAw ipAwry iqn Dury pieAw sMjogu ]3]
jo gur mayl uDhaari-aa pi-aaray tin Dhuray pa-i-aa sanjog. ||3||
Those who meet the Guru are saved, O Beloved; this is their pre-ordained destiny. ||3||

mwieAw lwlic AitAw ipAwry iciq n Awvih mUil ]
maa-i-aa laalach ati-aa pi-aaray chit na aavahi mool.
He is filled with longing for Maya, O Beloved, and so the Lord does not ever come into his mind.

ijn qU ivsrih pwrbRhm suAwmI sy qn hoey DUiV ]
jin too visrahi paarbarahm su-aamee say tan ho-ay Dhoorh.
Those who forget You, O Supreme Lord Master, their bodies turn to dust.

ibllwt krih bhuqyirAw ipAwry auqrY nwhI sUlu ]
billaat karahi bahutayri-aa pi-aaray utrai naahee sool.
They cry out and scream horribly, O Beloved, but their torment does not end.

jo gur myil svwirAw ipAwry iqn kw rihAw mUlu ]4]
jo gur mayl savaari-aa pi-aaray tin kaa rahi-aa mool. ||4||
Those who meet the Guru, and reform themselves, O Beloved, their capital remains intact. ||4||

swkq sMgu n kIjeI ipAwry jy kw pwir vswie ]
saakat sang na keej-ee pi-aaray jay kaa paar vasaa-ay.
As far as possible, do not associate with the faithless cynics, O Beloved.

ijsu imilAY hir ivsrY ipAwry suo muih kwlY auiT jwie ]
jis mili-ai har visrai pi-aaray so muhi kaalai uth jaa-ay.
Meeting with them, the Lord is forgotten, O Beloved, and you rise and depart with a blackened face.

mnmuiK FoeI nh imlY ipAwry drgh imlY sjwie ]
manmukh dho-ee nah milai pi-aaray dargeh milai sajaa-ay.
The self-willed manmukh finds no rest or shelter, O Beloved; in the Court of the Lord, they are punished.

jo gur myil svwirAw ipAwry iqnw pUrI pwie ]5]
jo gur mayl savaari-aa pi-aaray tinaa pooree paa-ay. ||5||
Those who meet with the Guru, and reform themselves, O Beloved, their affairs are resolved. ||5||

sMjm shs isAwxpw ipAwry iek n clI nwil ]
sanjam sahas si-aanpaa pi-aaray ik na chalee naal.
One may have thousands of clever tricks and techniques of austere self-discipline, O Beloved, but not even one of them will go with him.

jo bymuK goibMd qy ipAwry iqn kuil lwgY gwil ]
jo baymukh gobind tay pi-aaray tin kul laagai gaal.
Those who turn their backs on the Lord of the Universe, O Beloved, their families are stained with disgrace.

hodI vsqu n jwqIAw ipAwry kUVu n clI nwil ]
hodee vasat na jaatee-aa pi-aaray koorh na chalee naal.
They do not realize that they do have Him , O Beloved; falsehood will not go with them.

siqguru ijnw imlwieEnu ipAwry swcw nwmu smwil ]6]
satgur jinaa milaa-i-on pi-aaray saachaa naam samaal. ||6||
Those who meet with the True Guru, O Beloved, dwell upon the True Name. ||6||

squ sMqoKu igAwnu iDAwnu ipAwry ijs no ndir kry ]
sat santokh gi-aan Dhi-aan pi-aaray jis no nadar karay.
When the Lord casts His Glance of Grace, O Beloved, one is blessed with Truth, contentment, wisdom and meditation.

Anidnu kIrqnu gux rvY ipAwry AMimRiq pUr Bry ]
an-din keertan gun ravai pi-aaray amrit poor bharay.
Night and day, he sings the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises, O Beloved, totally filled with Ambrosial Nectar.

duK swgru iqn lµiGAw ipAwry Bvjlu pwir pry ]
dukh saagar tin langhi-aa pi-aaray bhavjal paar paray.
He crosses over the sea of pain, O Beloved, and swims across the terrifying world-ocean.

ijsu BwvY iqsu myil lYih ipAwry syeI sdw Kry ]7]
jis bhaavai tis mayl laihi pi-aaray say-ee sadaa kharay. ||7||
One who is pleasing to His Will, He unites with Himself, O Beloved; he is forever true. ||7||

sMmRQ purKu dieAwl dyau ipAwry Bgqw iqs kw qwxu ]
samrath purakh da-i-aal day-o pi-aaray bhagtaa tis kaa taan.
The all-powerful Divine Lord is compassionate, O Beloved; He is the Support of His devotees.

iqsu srxweI Fih pey ipAwry ij AMqrjwmI jwxu ]
tis sarnaa-ee dheh pa-ay pi-aaray je antarjaamee jaan.
I seek His Sanctuary, O Beloved; He is the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts.

hlqu plqu svwirAw ipAwry msqik scu nIswxu ]
halat palat savaari-aa pi-aaray mastak sach neesaan.
He has adorned me in this world and the next, O Beloved; He has placed the Emblem of Truth upon my forehead.

so pRBu kdy n vIsrY ipAwry nwnk sd kurbwxu ]8]2]
so parabh kaday na veesrai pi-aaray naanak sad kurbaan. ||8||2||
I shall never forget that God, O Beloved; Nanak is forever a sacrifice to Him. ||8||2||