mithi-aa sang sang laptaa-ay moh maa-i-aa kar baaDhay

Awsw mhlw 5 ] (402-17)
aasaa mehlaa 5.
Aasaa, Fifth Mehl

imiQAw sMig sMig lptwey moh mwieAw kir bwDy ]
mithi-aa sang sang laptaa-ay moh maa-i-aa kar baaDhay.
They are attached to falsehood; clinging to the transitory, they are trapped in emotional attachment to Maya.

jh jwno so cIiq n AwvY AhMbuiD Bey AWDy ]1]
jah jaano so cheet na aavai ahaN-buDh bha-ay aaNDhay. ||1||
Wherever they go, they do not think of the Lord; they are blinded by intellectual egotism. ||1||

mn bYrwgI ikau n ArwDy ]
man bairaagee ki-o na araaDhay.
O mind, O renunciate, why don't you adore Him?

kwc koTrI mwih qUM bsqw sMig sgl ibKY kI ibAwDy ]1] rhwau ]
kaach kothree maahi tooN bastaa sang sagal bikhai kee bi-aaDhay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
You dwell in that flimsy chamber, with all the sins of corruption. ||1||Pause||

myrI myrI krq idnu rYin ibhwvY plu iKnu CIjY ArjwDy ]
mayree mayree karat din rain bihaavai pal khin chheejai arjaaDhay.
Crying out, "Mine, mine", your days and nights pass away; moment by moment, your life is running out.

jYsy mITY swid loBwey JUT DMiD durgwDy ]2]
jaisay meethai saad lobhaa-ay jhooth DhanDh durgaaDhay. ||2||
The sweet flavors tempt you, and you are occupied by your false and filthy business. ||2||

kwm k®oD Aru loB moh ieh ieMdRI ris lptwDy ]
kaam kroDh ar lobh moh ih indree ras laptaaDhay.
Your senses are beguiled by sensual pleasures of sex, by anger, greed and emotional attachment.

dIeI BvwrI puriK ibDwqY bhuir bhuir jnmwDy ]3]
dee-ee bhavaaree purakh biDhaatai bahur bahur janmaaDhay. ||3||
The All-powerful Architect of Destiny has ordained that you shall be reincarnated over and over again. ||3||

jau BieE ik®pwlu dIn duK BMjnu qau gur imil sB suK lwDy ]
ja-o bha-i-o kirpaal deen dukh bhanjan ta-o gur mil sabh sukh laaDhay.
When the Destroyer of the pains of the poor becomes merciful, then, as Gurmukh, you shall find absolute peace.

khu nwnk idnu rYin iDAwvau mwir kwFI sgl aupwDy ]4]
kaho naanak din rain Dhi-aava-o maar kaadhee sagal upaaDhay. ||4||
Says Nanak, meditate on the Lord, day and night, and all your sickness shall be banished. ||4||

ieau jipE BweI purKu ibDwqy ]
i-o japi-o bhaa-ee purakh biDhaatay.
Meditate in this way, O Siblings of Destiny, on the Lord, the Architect of Destiny.

BieE ik®pwlu dIn duK BMjnu jnm mrx duK lwQy ]1] rhwau dUjw ]4]4]126]
bha-i-o kirpaal deen dukh bhanjan janam maran dukh laathay. ||1|| rahaa-o doojaa. ||4||4||126||
The Destroyer of the pains of the poor has become merciful; He has removed the pains of birth and death. ||1||Second Pause||4||4||126||