mil maat pitaa pind kamaa-i-aa

mwrU mhlw 1 ] (989-10)
maaroo mehlaa 1.
Maaroo, First Mehl:

imil mwq ipqw ipMfu kmwieAw ]
mil maat pitaa pind kamaa-i-aa.
The union of the mother and father brings the body into being.

iqin krqY lyKu ilKwieAw ]
tin kartai laykh likhaa-i-aa.
The Creator inscribes upon it the inscription of its destiny.

ilKu dwiq joiq vifAweI ]
likh daat jot vadi-aa-ee.
According to this inscription, gifts, light and glorious greatness are received.

imil mwieAw suriq gvweI ]1]
mil maa-i-aa surat gavaa-ee. ||1||
Joining with Maya, the spiritual consciousness is lost. ||1||

mUrK mn kwhy krsih mwxw ]
moorakh man kaahay karseh maanaa.
O foolish mind, why are you so proud?

auiT clxw KsmY Bwxw ]1] rhwau ]
uth chalnaa khasmai bhaanaa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
You shall have to arise and depart when it pleases your Lord and Master. ||1||Pause||

qij swd shj suKu hoeI ]
taj saad sahj sukh ho-ee.
Abandon the tastes of the world, and find intuitive peace.

Gr Cfxy rhY n koeI ]
ghar chhadnay rahai na ko-ee.
All must abandon their worldly homes; no one remains here forever.

ikCu KwjY ikCu Dir jweIAY ]
kichh khaajai kichh Dhar jaa-ee-ai.
Eat some, and save the rest,

jy bwhuiV dunIAw AweIAY ]2]
jay baahurh dunee-aa aa-ee-ai. ||2||
if you are destined to return to the world again. ||2||

sju kwieAw ptu hFwey ]
saj kaa-i-aa pat hadhaa-ay.
He adorns his body and ress in silk robes.

Purmwieis bhuqu clwey ]
furmaa-is bahut chalaa-ay.
He issues all sorts of commands.

kir syj suKwlI sovY ]
kar sayj sukhaalee sovai.
Preparing his comfortable bed, he sleeps.

hQI paudI kwhy rovY ]3]
hathee pa-udee kaahay rovai. ||3||
When he falls into the hands of the Messenger of Death, what good does it do to cry out? ||3||

Gr GuMmxvwxI BweI ]
ghar ghummanvaanee bhaa-ee.
Household affairs are whirlpools of entanglements, O Siblings of Destiny.

pwp pQr qrxu n jweI ]
paap pathar taran na jaa-ee.
Sin is a stone which does not float.

Bau byVw jIau cVwaU ]
bha-o bayrhaa jee-o charhaa-oo.
So let the Fear of God be the boat to carry your soul across.

khu nwnk dyvY kwhU ]4]2]
kaho naanak dayvai kaahoo. ||4||2||
Says Nanak, rare are those who are blessed with this Boat. ||4||2||