meetaa aisay har jee-o paa-ay

rwgu dyvgMDwrI mhlw 5 Gru 3 (533-14)
raag dayvganDhaaree mehlaa 5 ghar 3
Raag Dayv-Gandhaaree, Fifth Mehl, Third House:

mIqw AYsy hir jIau pwey ]
meetaa aisay har jee-o paa-ay.
O friend, such is the Dear Lord whom I have obtained.

Coif n jweI sd hI sMgy Anidnu gur imil gwey ]1] rhwau ]
chhod na jaa-ee sad hee sangay an-din gur mil gaa-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
He does not leave me, and He always keeps me company. Meeting the Guru, night and day, I sing His Praises. ||1||Pause||

imilE mnohru srb suKYnw iqAwig n kqhU jwey ]
mili-o manohar sarab sukhainaa ti-aag na kathoo jaa-ay.
I met the Fascinating Lord, who has blessed me with all comforts; He does not leave me to go anywhere else.

Aink Aink Bwiq bhu pyKy ipRA rom n smsir lwey ]1]
anik anik bhaat baho paykhay pari-a rom na samsar laa-ay. ||1||
I have seen the mortals of many and various types, but they are not equal to even a hair of my Beloved. ||1||

mMdir Bwgu soB duAwrY Anhq ruxu Juxu lwey ]
mandar bhaag sobh du-aarai anhat run jhun laa-ay.
His palace is so beautiful! His gate is so wonderful! The celestial melody of the sound current resounds there.

khu nwnk sdw rMgu mwxy igRh ipRA QIqy sd Qwey ]2]1]27]
kaho naanak sadaa rang maanay garih pari-a theetay sad thaa-ay. ||2||1||27||
Says Nanak, I enjoy eternal bliss; I have obtained a permanent place in the home of my Beloved. ||2||1||27||