mayray man jap har har raam rangay.

nt mhlw 4 ] (976-7)
nat mehlaa 4.
Nat, Fourth Mehl:

myry mn jip hir hir rwm rMgy ]
mayray man jap har har raam rangay.
O my mind, chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, with love.

hir hir ik®pw krI jgdIsuir hir iDAwieE jn pig lgy ]1] rhwau ]
har har kirpaa karee jagdeesur har Dhi-aa-i-o jan pag lagay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
When the Lord of the Universe, Har, Har, granted His Grace, then I fell at the feet of the humble, and I meditate on the Lord. ||1||Pause||

jnm jnm ky BUl cUk hm Ab Awey pRB srngy ]
janam janam kay bhool chook ham ab aa-ay parabh sarangay.
Mistaken and confused for so many past lives, I have now come and entered the Sanctuary of God.

qum srxwgiq pRiqpwlk suAwmI hm rwKhu vf pwpgy ]1]
tum sarnaagat partipaalak su-aamee ham raakho vad paapgay. ||1||
O my Lord and Master, You are the Cherisher of those who come to Your Sanctuary. I am such a great sinner - please save me! ||1||

qumrI sMgiq hir ko ko n auDirE pRB kIey piqq pvgy ]
tumree sangat har ko ko na uDhaari-o parabh kee-ay patit pavgay.
Associating with You, Lord, who would not be saved? Only God sanctifies the sinners.

gun gwvq CIpw dustwirE pRiB rwKI pYj jngy ]2]
gun gaavat chheepaa dustaari-o parabh raakhee paij jangay. ||2||
Naam Dayv, the calico printer, was driven out by the evil villains, as he sang Your Glorious Praises; O God, You protected the honor of Your humble servant. ||2||

jo qumry gun gwvih suAwmI hau bil bil bil iqngy ]
jo tumray gun gaavahi su-aamee ha-o bal bal bal tingay.
Those who sing Your Glorious Praises, O my Lord and Master - I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice, a sacrifice to them.

Bvn Bvn pivqR siB kIey jh DUir prI jn pgy ]3]
bhavan bhavan pavitar sabh kee-ay jah Dhoor paree jan pagay. ||3||
Those houses and homes are sanctified, upon which the dust of the feet of the humble settles. ||3||

qumry gun pRB kih n skih hm qum vf vf purK vfgy ]
tumray gun parabh kahi na sakahi ham tum vad vad purakh vadgay.
I cannot describe Your Glorious Virtues, God; You are the greatest of the great, O Great Primal Lord God.

jn nwnk kau dieAw pRB Dwrhu hm syvh qum jn pgy ]4]4]
jan naanak ka-o da-i-aa parabh Dhaarahu ham sayvah tum jan pagay. ||4||4||
Please shower Your Mercy upon servant Nanak, God; I serve at the feet of Yor humble servants. ||4||4||