mai anDhulay kee tayk tayraa naam khundkaaraa

iqlMg nwmdyv jI ] (727-12)
tilang naamdayv jee.
Tilang, Naam Dayv Jee:

mY AMDuly kI tyk qyrw nwmu KuMdkwrw ]
mai anDhulay kee tayk tayraa naam khundkaaraa.
I am blind; Your Name, O Creator Lord, is my only anchor and support.

mY grIb mY mskIn qyrw nwmu hY ADwrw ]1] rhwau ]
mai gareeb mai maskeen tayraa naam hai aDhaaraa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
I am poor, and I am meek. Your Name is my only support. ||1||Pause||

krImW rhImW Alwh qU gn^ØI ]
kareemaaN raheemaaN alaah too ganeeN.
O beautiful Lord, benevolent and merciful Lord, You are so wealthy and generous.

hwjrw hjUir dir pyis qUM mn^ØI ]1]
haajraa hajoor dar pays tooN maneeN. ||1||
You are ever-present in every presence, within and before me. ||1||

drIAwau qU idhMd qU ibsIAwr qU DnI ]
daree-aa-o too dihand too bisee-aar too Dhanee.
You are the river of life, You are the Giver of all; You are so very wealthy.

dyih lyih eyku qUM idgr ko nhI ]2]
deh layhi ayk tooN digar ko nahee. ||2||
You alone give, and You alone take away; there is no other at all. ||2||

qUM dwnW qUM bInW mY bIcwru ikAw krI ]
tooN daanaaN tooN beenaaN mai beechaar ki-aa karee.
You are wise, You are the supreme seer; how could I make You an object of thought?

nwmy cy suAwmI bKsMd qUM hrI ]3]1]2]
naamay chay su-aamee bakhsand tooN haree. ||3||1||2||
O Lord and Master of Naam Dayv, You are the merciful Lord of forgiveness. ||3||1||2||