mai paykhi-o ree oochaa mohan sabh tay oochaa

rwgu dyvgMDwrI mhlw 5 Gru 5 (534-16)
raag dayvganDhaaree mehlaa 5 ghar 5
Raag Dayv-Gandhaaree, Fifth Mehl, Fifth House:

mY pyiKE rI aUcw mohnu sB qy aUcw ]
mai paykhi-o ree oochaa mohan sabh tay oochaa.
I have seen the Lord to be on high; the Fascinating Lord is the highest of all.

Awn n smsir koaU lwgY FUiF rhy hm mUcw ]1] rhwau ]
aan na samsar ko-oo laagai dhoodh rahay ham moochaa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
No one else is equal to Him - I have made the most extensive search on this. ||1||Pause||

bhu byAMqu Aiq bfo gwhro Qwh nhI AghUcw ]
baho bay-ant at bado gaahro thaah nahee aghoochaa.
Utterly infinite, exceedingly great, deep and unfathomable - He is lofty, beyond reach.

qoil n qulIAY moil n mulIAY kq pweIAY mn rUcw ]1]
tol na tulee-ai mol na mulee-ai kat paa-ee-ai man roochaa. ||1||
His weight cannot be weighed, His value cannot be estimated. How can the Enticer of the mind be obtained? ||1||

Koj AsMKw Aink qpMQw ibnu gur nhI phUcw ]
khoj asankhaa anik tapanthaa bin gur nahee pahoochaa.
Millions search for Him, on various paths, but without the Guru, none find Him.

khu nwnk ikrpw krI Twkur imil swDU rs BUMcw ]2]1]32]
kaho naanak kirpaa karee thaakur mil saaDhoo ras bhoonchaa. ||2||1||32||
Says Nanak, the Lord Master has become Merciful. Meeting the Holy Saint, I drink in the sublime essence. ||2||1||32||