mohnee mohi lee-ay tarai gunee-aa

mwrU mhlw 5 ] (1004-5)
maaroo mehlaa 5.
Maaroo, Fifth Mehl:

mohnI moih lIey qRY gunIAw ]
mohnee mohi lee-ay tarai gunee-aa.
Maya, the enticer, has enticed the world of the three gunas, the three qualities.

loiB ivAwpI JUTI dunIAw ]
lobh vi-aapee jhoothee dunee-aa.
The false world is engrossed in greed.

myrI myrI kir kY sMcI AMq kI bwr sgl ly ClIAw ]1]
mayree mayree kar kai sanchee ant kee baar sagal lay chhalee-aa. ||1||
Crying out, "Mine, mine!" they collect possessions, but in the end, they are all deceived. ||1||

inrBau inrMkwru dieAlIAw ]
nirbha-o nirankaar da-i-alee-aa.
The Lord is fearless, formless and merciful.

jIA jMq sgly pRiqplIAw ]1] rhwau ]
jee-a jant saglay partipalee-aa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
He is the Cherisher of all beings and creatures. ||1||Pause||

eykY sRmu kir gwfI gfhY ]
aykai saram kar gaadee gadhai.
Some collect wealth, and bury it in the ground.

eykih supnY dwmu n CfhY ]
aykeh supnai daam na chhadhai.
Some cannot abandon wealth, even in their dreams.

rwju kmwie krI ijin QYlI qw kY sMig n cMcil clIAw ]2]
raaj kamaa-ay karee jin thailee taa kai sang na chanchal chalee-aa. ||2||
The king exercises his power, and fills his money-bags, but this fickle companion will not go along with him. ||2||

eykih pRwx ipMf qy ipAwrI ]
aykeh paraan pind tay pi-aaree.
Some love this wealth even more than their body and breath of life.

eyk sMcI qij bwp mhqwrI ]
ayk sanchee taj baap mehtaaree.
Some collect it, forsaking their fathers and mothers.

suq mIq BRwq qy guhjI qw kY inkit n hoeI KlIAw ]3]
sut meet bharaat tay guhjee taa kai nikat na ho-ee khalee-aa. ||3||
Some hide it from their children, friends and siblings, but it will not remain with them. ||3||

hoie AauDUq bYTy lwie qwrI ]
ho-ay a-uDhoot baithay laa-ay taaree.
Some become hermits, and sit in meditative trances.

jogI jqI pMifq bIcwrI ]
jogee jatee pandit beechaaree.
Some are Yogis, celibates, religious scholars and thinkers.

igRih mVI mswxI bn mih bsqy aUiT iqnw kY lwgI plIAw ]4]
garihi marhee masaanee ban meh bastay ooth tinaa kai laagee palee-aa. ||4||
Some dwell in homes, graveyards, cremation grounds and forests; but Maya still clings to them there. ||4||

kwty bMDn Twkuir jw ky ]
kaatay banDhan thaakur jaa kay.
When the Lord and Master releases one from his bonds,

hir hir nwmu bisE jIA qw kY ]
har har naam basi-o jee-a taa kai.
the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, comes to dwell in his soul.

swDsMig Bey jn mukqy giq pweI nwnk ndir inhlIAw ]5]2]18]
saaDhsang bha-ay jan muktay gat paa-ee naanak nadar nihlee-aa. ||5||2||18||
In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, His humble servants are liberated; O Nanak, they are redeemed and enraptured by the Lord's Glance of Grace. ||5||2||18||