Page 489

<> siq nwmu krqw purKu inrBau inrvYru Akwl mUriq AjUnI sYBM gur pRswid ] (489-1)
ik-oNkaar sat naam kartaa purakh nirbha-o nirvair akaal moorat ajoonee saibhaN gur parsaad.
One Universal Creator God. Truth Is The Name. Creative Being Personified. No Fear. No Hatred. Image Of The Undying. Beyond Birth. Self-Existent. By Guru's Grace:

rwgu gUjrI mhlw 1 caupdy Gru 1 ](489-3)
raag goojree mehlaa 1 cha-upday ghar 1.
Raag Goojaree, First Mehl, Chau-Padas, First House:

qyrw nwmu krI cnxwTIAw jy mnu aursw hoie ] (489-4, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
tayraa naam karee channaathee-aa jay man ursaa ho-ay.
I would make Your Name the sandalwood, and my mind the stone to rub it on;

krxI kuMgU jy rlY Gt AMqir pUjw hoie ]1] (489-4, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
karnee kungoo jay ralai ghat antar poojaa ho-ay. ||1||
for saffron, I would offer good deeds; thus, I perform worship and adoration within my heart. ||1||

pUjw kIcY nwmu iDAweIAY ibnu nwvY pUj n hoie ]1] rhwau ] (489-5, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
poojaa keechai naam Dhi-aa-ee-ai bin naavai pooj na ho-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Perform worship and adoration by meditating on the Naam, the Name of the Lord; without the Name, there is no worship and adoration. ||1||Pause||

bwhir dyv pKwlIAih jy mnu DovY koie ] (489-5, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
baahar dayv pakhaalee-ah jay man Dhovai ko-ay.
If one were to wash his heart inwardly, like the stone idol which is washed on the outside,

jUiT lhY jIau mwjIAY moK pieAwxw hoie ]2] (489-6, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
jooth lahai jee-o maajee-ai mokh pa-i-aanaa ho-ay. ||2||
his filth would be removed, his soul would be cleansed, and he would be liberated when he departs. ||2||

psU imlih cMigAweIAw KVu Kwvih AMimRqu dyih ] (489-6, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
pasoo mileh chang-aa-ee-aa kharh khaaveh amrit deh.
Even beasts have value, as they eat grass and give milk.

nwm ivhUxy AwdmI iDRgu jIvx krm kryih ]3] (489-7, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
naam vihoonay aadmee Dharig jeevan karam karayhi. ||3||
Without the Naam, the mortal's life is cursed, as are the actions he performs. ||3||

nyVw hY dUir n jwixAhu inq swry sMm@wly ] (489-7, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
nayrhaa hai door na jaani-ahu nit saaray samHaalay.
The Lord is hear at hand - do not think that He is far away. He always cherishes us, and remembers us.

jo dyvY so Kwvxw khu nwnk swcw hy ]4]1] (489-8, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
jo dayvai so khaavnaa kaho naanak saachaa hay. ||4||1||
Whatever He gives us, we eat; says Nanak, He is the True Lord. ||4||1||

gUjrI mhlw 1 ] (489-8)
goojree mehlaa 1.
Goojaree, First Mehl:

nwiB kml qy bRhmw aupjy byd pVih muiK kMiT svwir ] (489-8, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
naabh kamal tay barahmaa upjay bayd parheh mukh kanth savaar.
From the lotus of Vishnu's navel, Brahma was born; He chanted the Vedas with a melodious voice.

qw ko AMqu n jweI lKxw Awvq jwq rhY gubwir ]1] (489-9, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
taa ko ant na jaa-ee lakh-naa aavat jaat rahai gubaar. ||1||
He could not find the Lord's limits, and he remained in the darkness of coming and going. ||1||

pRIqm ikau ibsrih myry pRwx ADwr ] (489-10, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
pareetam ki-o bisrahi mayray paraan aDhaar.
Why should I forget my Beloved? He is the support of my very breath of life.

jw kI Bgiq krih jn pUry muin jn syvih gur vIcwir ]1] rhwau ] (489-10, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
jaa kee bhagat karahi jan pooray mun jan sayveh gur veechaar. ||1|| rahaa-o.
The perfect beings perform devotional worship to Him. The silent sages serve Him through the Guru's Teachings. ||1||Pause||

riv sis dIpk jw ky iqRBvix eykw joiq murwir ] (489-11, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
rav sas deepak jaa kay taribhavan aykaa jot muraar.
His lamps are the sun and the moon; the One Light of the Destroyer of ego fills the three worlds.

gurmuiK hoie su Aihinis inrmlu mnmuiK rYix AMDwir ]2] (489-11, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
gurmukh ho-ay so ahinis nirmal manmukh rain anDhaar. ||2||
One who becomes Gurmukh remains immaculately pure, day and night, while the self-willed manmukh is enveloped by the darkness of night. ||2||

isD smwiD krih inq Jgrw duhu locn ikAw hyrY ] (489-12, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
siDh samaaDh karahi nit jhagraa duhu lochan ki-aa hayrai.
The Siddhas in Samaadhi are continually in conflict; what can they see with their two eyes?

AMqir joiq sbdu Duin jwgY siqguru Jgru inbyrY ]3] (489-12, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
antar jot sabad Dhun jaagai satgur jhagar nibayray. ||3||
One who has the Divine Light within his heart, and is awakened to the melody of the Word of the Shabad - the True Guru settles his conflicts. ||3||

suir nr nwQ byAMq AjonI swcY mhil Apwrw ] (489-13, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
sur nar naath bay-ant ajonee saachai mahal apaaraa.
O Lord of angels and men, infinite and unborn, Your True Mansion is incomparable.

nwnk shij imly jgjIvn ndir krhu insqwrw ]4]2] (489-14, gUjrI, mÚ 1)
naanak sahj milay jagjeevan nadar karahu nistaaraa. ||4||2||
Nanak merges imperceptibly into the Life of the world; shower Your mercy upon him, and save him. ||4||2||