Page 538

gurmiq mnu ThrweIAY myrI ijMduVIey Anq n kwhU foly rwm ] (538-1, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
gurmat man thehraa-ee-ai mayree jindurhee-ay anat na kaahoo dolay raam.
Under Guru's Instructions, hold your mind steady; O my soul, do not let it wander anywhere.

mn icMidAVw Plu pwieAw hir pRBu gux nwnk bwxI boly rwm ]1] (538-2, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
man chindi-arhaa fal paa-i-aa har parabh gun naanak banee bolay raam. ||1||
One who utters the Bani of the Praises of the Lord God, O Nanak, obtains the fruits of his heart's desires. ||1||

gurmiq min AMimRqu vuTVw myrI ijMduVIey muiK AMimRq bYx Alwey rwm ] (538-2, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
gurmat man amrit vuth-rhaa mayree jindurhee-ay mukh amrit bain alaa-ay raam.
Under Guru's Instruction, the Ambrosial Name abides within the mind, O my soul; with your mouth, utter the words of ambrosia.

AMimRq bwxI Bgq jnw kI myrI ijMduVIey min suxIAY hir ilv lwey rwm ] (538-3, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
amrit banee bhagat janaa kee mayree jindurhee-ay man sunee-ai har liv laa-ay raam.
The Words of the devotees are Ambrosial Nectar, O my soul; hearing them in the mind, embrace loving affection for the Lord.

icrI ivCuMnw hir pRBu pwieAw gil imilAw shij suBwey rwm ] (538-4, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
chiree vichhunnaa har parabh paa-i-aa gal mili-aa sahj subhaa-ay raam.
Separated for so very long, I have found the Lord God; He holds me close in His loving embrace.

jn nwnk min Andu BieAw hY myrI ijMduVIey Anhq sbd vjwey rwm ]2] (538-4, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
jan naanak man anad bha-i-aa hai mayree jindurhee-ay anhat sabad vajaa-ay raam. ||2||
Servant Nanak's mind is filled with bliss, O my soul; the unstruck sound-current of the Shabad vibrates within. ||2||

sKI shylI myrIAw myrI ijMduVIey koeI hir pRBu Awix imlwvY rwm ] (538-5, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
sakhee sahaylee mayree-aa mayree jindurhee-ay ko-ee har parabh aan milaavai raam.
If only my friends and companions would come and unite me with my Lord God, O my soul.

hau mnu dyvau iqsu Awpxw myrI ijMduVIey hir pRB kI hir kQw suxwvY rwm ] (538-6, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
ha-o man dayva-o tis aapnaa mayree jindurhee-ay har parabh kee har kathaa sunaavai raam.
I offer my mind to the one who recites the sermon of my Lord God, O my soul.

gurmuiK sdw ArwiD hir myrI ijMduVIey mn icMidAVw Plu pwvY rwm ] (538-7, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
gurmukh sadaa araaDh har mayree jindurhee-ay man chindi-arhaa fal paavai raam.
As Gurmukh, ever worship the Lord in adoration, O my soul, and you shall obtain the fruits of your heart's desires.

nwnk Bju hir srxwgqI myrI ijMduVIey vfBwgI nwmu iDAwvY rwm ]3] (538-7, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
naanak bhaj har sarnaagatee mayree jindurhee-ay vadbhaagee naam Dhi-aavai raam. ||3||
O Nanak, hurry to the Lord's Sanctuary; O my soul, those who meditate on the Lord's Name are very fortunate. ||3||

kir ikrpw pRB Awie imlu myrI ijMduVIey gurmiq nwmu prgwsy rwm ] (538-8, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
kar kirpaa parabh aa-ay mil mayree jindurhee-ay gurmat naam pargaasay raam.
By His Mercy, God comes to meet us, O my soul; through the Guru's Teachings, He reveals His Name.

hau hir bwJu aufIxIAw myrI ijMduVIey ijau jl ibnu kml audwsy rwm ] (538-9, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
ha-o har baajh udeenee-aa mayree jindurhee-ay ji-o jal bin kamal udaasay raam.
Without the Lord, I am so sad, O my soul - as sad as the lotus without water.

guir pUrY mylwieAw myrI ijMduVIey hir sjxu hir pRBu pwsy rwm ] (538-10, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
gur poorai maylaa-i-aa mayree jindurhee-ay har sajan har parabh paasay raam.
The Perfect Guru has united me, O my soul, with the Lord, my best friend, the Lord God.

Dnu Dnu gurU hir disAw myrI ijMduVIey jn nwnk nwim ibgwsy rwm ]4]1] (538-10, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
Dhan Dhan guroo har dasi-aa mayree jindurhee-ay jan naanak naam bigaasay raam. ||4||1||
Blessed, blessed is the Guru, who has shown me the Lord, O my soul; servant Nanak blossoms forth in the Name of the Lord. ||4||1||

rwgu ibhwgVw mhlw 4 ] (538-11)
raag bihaagarhaa mehlaa 4.
Raag Bihaagraa, Fourth Mehl:

AMimRqu hir hir nwmu hY myrI ijMduVIey AMimRqu gurmiq pwey rwm ] (538-11, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
amrit har har naam hai mayree jindurhee-ay amrit gurmat paa-ay raam.
The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is Ambrosial Nectar, O my soul; through the Guru's Teachings, this Nectar is obtained.

haumY mwieAw ibKu hY myrI ijMduVIey hir AMimRiq ibKu lih jwey rwm ] (538-12, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
ha-umai maa-i-aa bikh hai mayree jindurhee-ay har amrit bikh leh jaa-ay raam.
Pride in Maya is poison, O my soul; through the Ambrosial Nectar of the Name, this poison is eradicated.

mnu sukw hirAw hoieAw myrI ijMduVIey hir hir nwmu iDAwey rwm ] (538-13, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
man sukaa hari-aa ho-i-aa mayree jindurhee-ay har har naam Dhi-aa-ay raam.
The dry mind is rejuvenated, O my soul, meditating on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.

hir Bwg vfy iliK pwieAw myrI ijMduVIey jn nwnk nwim smwey rwm ]1] (538-14, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
har bhaag vaday likh paa-i-aa mayree jindurhee-ay jan naanak naam samaa-ay raam. ||1||
The Lord has given me the pre-ordained blessing of high destiny, O my soul; servant Nanak merges in the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||1||

hir syqI mnu byiDAw myrI ijMduVIey ijau bwlk lig duD KIry rwm ] (538-14, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
har saytee man bayDhi-aa mayree jindurhee-ay ji-o baalak lag duDh kheeray raam.
My mind is attached to the Lord, O my soul, like the infant, sucking his mother's milk.

hir ibnu sWiq n pweIAY myrI ijMduVIey ijau cwiqRku jl ibnu tyry rwm ] (538-15, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
har bin saaNt na paa-ee-ai mayree jindurhee-ay ji-o chaatrik jal bin tayray raam.
Without the Lord, I find no peace, O my soul; I am like the song-bird, crying out without the rain drops.

siqgur srxI jwie pau myrI ijMduVIey gux dsy hir pRB kyry rwm ] (538-16, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
satgur sarnee jaa-ay pa-o mayree jindurhee-ay gun dasay har parabh kayray raam.
Go, and seek the Sanctuary of the True Guru, O my soul; He shall tell you of the Glorious Virtues of the Lord God.

jn nwnk hir mylwieAw myrI ijMduVIey Gir vwjy sbd Gxyry rwm ]2] (538-17, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
jan naanak har maylaa-i-aa mayree jindurhee-ay ghar vaajay sabad ghanayray raam. ||2||
Servant Nanak has merged into the Lord, O my soul; the many melodies of the Shabad resound within his heart. ||2||

mnmuiK haumY ivCuVy myrI ijMduVIey ibKu bwDy haumY jwly rwm ] (538-17, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
manmukh ha-umai vichhurhay mayree jindurhee-ay bikh baaDhay ha-umai jaalay raam.
Through egotism, the self-willed manmukhs are separated, O my soul; bound to poison, they are burnt by egotism.

ijau pMKI kpoiq Awpu bn@wieAw myrI ijMduVIey iqau mnmuK siB vis kwly rwm ] (538-18, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
ji-o pankhee kapot aap banHaa-i-aa mayree jindurhee-ay ti-o manmukh sabh vas kaalay raam.
Like the pigeon, which itself falls into the trap, O my soul, all the self-willed manmukhs fall under the influence of death.

jo moih mwieAw icqu lwiedy myrI ijMduVIey sy mnmuK mUV ibqwly rwm ] (538-19, ibhwgVw, mÚ 4)
jo mohi maa-i-aa chit laa-iday mayree jindurhee-ay say manmukh moorh bitaalay raam.
Those self-willed manmukhs who focus their consciousness on Maya, O my soul, are foolish, evil demons.