Page 974

dyv sMsY gWiT n CUtY ] (974-1, rwmklI, Bgq rivdws jI)
dayv sansai gaaNth na chhootai.
O Divine Lord, the knot of skepticism cannot be untied.

kwm k®oD mwieAw md mqsr ien pMchu imil lUty ]1] rhwau ] (974-1, rwmklI, Bgq rivdws jI)
kaam kroDh maa-i-aa mad matsar in panchahu mil lootay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Sexual desire, anger, Maya, intoxication and jealousy - these five have combined to plunder the world. ||1||Pause||

hm bf kib kulIn hm pMifq hm jogI sMinAwsI ] (974-2, rwmklI, Bgq rivdws jI)
ham bad kab kuleen ham pandit ham jogee sani-aasee.
I am a great poet, of noble heritage; I am a Pandit, a religious scholar, a Yogi and a Sannyaasi;

igAwnI gunI sUr hm dwqy ieh buiD kbih n nwsI ]2] (974-2, rwmklI, Bgq rivdws jI)
gi-aanee gunee soor ham daatay ih buDh kabeh na naasee. ||2||
I am a spiritual teacher, a warrior and a giver - such thinking never ends. ||2||

khu rivdws sBY nhI smJis BUil pry jYsy baury ] (974-3, rwmklI, Bgq rivdws jI)
kaho ravidaas sabhai nahee samjhas bhool paray jaisay ba-uray.
Says Ravi Daas, no one understands; they all run around, deluded like madmen.

moih ADwru nwmu nwrwien jIvn pRwn Dn mory ]3]1] (974-3, rwmklI, Bgq rivdws jI)
mohi aDhaar naam naaraa-in jeevan paraan Dhan moray. ||3||1||
The Lord's Name is my only Support; He is my life, my breath of life, my wealth. ||3||1||

rwmklI bwxI byxI jIau kI (974-5)
raamkalee banee baynee jee-o kee
Raamkalee, The Word Of Baynee Jee:

<> siqgur pRswid ] (974-5)
ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad.
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

ieVw ipMgulw Aaur suKmnw qIin bsih iek TweI ] (974-6, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
irhaa pingulaa a-or sukhmanaa teen baseh ik thaa-ee.
The energy channels of the Ida, Pingala and Shushmanaa: these three dwell in one place.

byxI sMgmu qh iprwgu mnu mjnu kry iqQweI ]1] (974-6, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
baynee sangam tah piraag man majan karay tithaa-ee. ||1||
This is the true place of confluence of the three sacred rivers: this is where my mind takes its cleansing bath. ||1||

sMqhu qhw inrMjn rwmu hY ] (974-7, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
santahu tahaa niranjan raam hai.
O Saints, the Immaculate Lord dwells there;

gur gim cInY ibrlw koie ] (974-7, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
gur gam cheenai birlaa ko-ay.
how rare are those who go to the Guru, and understand this.

qhW inrMjnu rmeIAw hoie ]1] rhwau ] (974-7, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
tahaaN niranjan rama-ee-aa ho-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.
The all-pervading immaculate Lord is there. ||1||Pause||

dyv sQwnY ikAw nIswxI ] (974-8, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
dayv sathaanai ki-aa neesaanee.
What is the insignia of the Divine Lord's dwelling?

qh bwjy sbd Anwhd bwxI ] (974-8, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
tah baajay sabad anaahad banee.
The unstruck sound current of the Shabad vibrates there.

qh cMdu n sUrju pauxu n pwxI ] (974-9, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
tah chand na sooraj pa-un na paanee.
There is no moon or sun, no air or water there.

swKI jwgI gurmuiK jwxI ]2] (974-9, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
saakhee jaagee gurmukh jaanee. ||2||
The Gurmukh becomes aware, and knows the Teachings. ||2||

aupjY igAwnu durmiq CIjY ] (974-9, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
upjai gi-aan durmat chheejai.
Spiritual wisdom wells up, and evil-mindedness departs;

AMimRq ris ggnµqir BIjY ] (974-10, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
amrit ras gagnantar bheejai.
the nucleus of the mind sky is drenched with Ambrosial Nectar.

eysu klw jo jwxY Byau ] (974-10, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
ays kalaa jo jaanai bhay-o.
One who knows the secret of this device,

BytY qwsu prm gurdyau ]3] (974-10, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
bhaytai taas param gurday-o. ||3||
meets the Supreme Divine Guru. ||3||

dsm duAwrw Agm Apwrw prm purK kI GwtI ] (974-11, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
dasam du-aaraa agam apaaraa param purakh kee ghaatee.
The Tenth Gate is the home of the inaccessible, infinite Supreme Lord.

aUpir hwtu hwt pir Awlw Awly BIqir QwqI ]4] (974-11, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
oopar haat haat par aalaa aalay bheetar thaatee. ||4||
Above the store is a niche, and within this niche is the commodity. ||4||

jwgqu rhY su kbhu n sovY ] (974-12, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
jaagat rahai so kabahu na sovai.
One who remains awake, never sleeps.

qIin iqlok smwiD plovY ] (974-12, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
teen tilok samaaDh palovai.
The three qualities and the three worlds vanish, in the state of Samaadhi.

bIj mMqRü lY ihrdY rhY ] (974-12, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
beej mantar lai hirdai rahai.
He takes the Beej Mantra, the Seed Mantra, and keeps it in his heart.

mnUAw aulit suMn mih ghY ]5] (974-13, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
manoo-aa ulat sunn meh gahai. ||5||
Turning his mind away from the world, he focuses on the cosmic void of the absolute Lord. ||5||

jwgqu rhY n AlIAw BwKY ] (974-13, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
jaagat rahai na alee-aa bhaakhai.
He remains awake, and he does not lie.

pwcau ieMdRI bis kir rwKY ] (974-13, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
paacha-o indree bas kar raakhai.
He keeps the five sensory organs under his control.

gur kI swKI rwKY cIiq ] (974-14, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
gur kee saakhee raakhai cheet.
He cherishes in his consciousness the Guru's Teachings.

mnu qnu ArpY ik®sn prIiq ]6] (974-14, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
man tan arpai krisan pareet. ||6||
He dedicates his mind and body to the Lord's Love. ||6||

kr plv swKw bIcwry ] (974-14, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
kar palav saakhaa beechaaray.
He considers his hands to be the leaves and branches of the tree.

Apnw jnmu n jUAY hwry ] (974-15, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
apnaa janam na joo-ai haaray.
He does not lose his life in the gamble.

Asur ndI kw bMDY mUlu ] (974-15, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
asur nadee kaa banDhai mool.
He plugs up the source of the river of evil tendencies.

piCm Pyir cVwvY sUru ] (974-15, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
pachhim fayr charhaavai soor.
Turning away from the west, he makes the sun rise in the east.

Ajru jrY su inJru JrY ] (974-15, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
ajar jarai so nijhar jharai.
He bears the unbearable, and the drops trickle down within;

jgMnwQ isau gosit krY ]7] (974-16, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
jagannaath si-o gosat karai. ||7||
then, he speaks with the Lord of the world. ||7||

caumuK dIvw joiq duAwr ] (974-16, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
cha-umukh deevaa jot du-aar.
The four-sided lamp illuminates the Tenth Gate.

plU Anq mUlu ibckwir ] (974-16, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
paloo anat mool bichkaar.
The Primal Lord is at the center of the countless leaves.

srb klw ly Awpy rhY ] (974-17, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
sarab kalaa lay aapay rahai.
He Himself abides there with all His powers.

mnu mwxku rqnw mih guhY ]8] (974-17, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
man maanak ratnaa meh guhai. ||8||
He weaves the jewels into the pearl of the mind. ||8||

msqik pdmu duAwlY mxI ] (974-17, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
mastak padam du-aalai manee.
The lotus is at the forehead, and the jewels surround it.

mwih inrMjnu iqRBvx DxI ] (974-18, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
maahi niranjan taribhavan Dhanee.
Within it is the Immaculate Lord, the Master of the three worlds.

pMc sbd inrmwiel bwjy ] (974-18, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
panch sabad nirmaa-il baajay.
The Panch Shabad, the five primal sounds, resound and vibrate their in their purity.

Fulky cvr sMK Gn gwjy ] (974-18, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
dhulkay chavar sankh ghan gaajay.
The chauris - the fly brushes wave, and the conch shells blare like thunder.

dil mil dYqhu gurmuiK igAwnu ] (974-19, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
dal mal daatahu gurmukh gi-aan.
The Gurmukh tramples the demons underfoot with his spiritual wisdom.

byxI jwcY qyrw nwmu ]9]1] (974-19, rwmklI, Bgq byxI jI)
baynee jaachai tayraa naam. ||9||1||
Baynee longs for Your Name, Lord. ||9||1||