Page 1196

nwrwiexu supRsMn hoie q syvku nwmw ]3]1] (1196-1, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
naaraa-in suparsan ho-ay ta sayvak naamaa. ||3||1||
If the Lord were totally pleased, then He would let Naam Dayv be His servant. ||3||1||

loB lhir Aiq nIJr bwjY ] (1196-1, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
lobh lahar at neejhar baajai.
The tidal waves of greed constantly assault me.

kwieAw fUbY kysvw ]1] (1196-2, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
kaa-i-aa doobai kaysvaa. ||1||
My body is drowning, O Lord. ||1||

sMswru smuMdy qwir guoibMdy ] (1196-2, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
sansaar samunday taar gobinday.
Please carry me across the world-ocean, O Lord of the Universe.

qwir lY bwp bITulw ]1] rhwau ] (1196-2, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
taar lai baap beethulaa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Carry me across, O Beloved Father. ||1||Pause||

Ainl byVw hau Kyiv n swkau ] (1196-2, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
anil bayrhaa ha-o khayv na saaka-o.
I cannot steer my ship in this storm.

qyrw pwru n pwieAw bITulw ]2] (1196-3, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
tayraa paar na paa-i-aa beethulaa. ||2||
I cannot find the other shore, O Beloved Lord. ||2||

hohu dieAwlu siqguru myil qU mo kau ] (1196-3, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
hohu da-i-aal satgur mayl too mo ka-o.
Please be merciful, and unite me with the True Guru;

pwir auqwry kysvw ]3] (1196-4, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
paar utaaray kaysvaa. ||3||
carry me across, O Lord. ||3||

nwmw khY hau qir BI n jwnau ] (1196-4, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
naamaa kahai ha-o tar bhee na jaan-o.
Says Naam Dayv, I do not know how to swim.

mo kau bwh dyih bwh dyih bITulw ]4]2] (1196-4, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
mo ka-o baah deh baah deh beethulaa. ||4||2||
Give me Your Arm, give me Your Arm, O Beloved Lord. ||4||2||

shj Avil DUiV mxI gwfI cwlqI ] (1196-5, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
sahj aval Dhoorh manee gaadee chaaltee.
Slowly at first, the body-cart loaded with dust starts to move.

pICY iqnkw lY kir hWkqI ]1] (1196-5, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
peechhai tinkaa lai kar haaNktee. ||1||
Later, it is driven on by the stick. ||1||

jYsy pnkq QR¨itit hWkqI ] (1196-5, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
jaisay pankat tharootit haaNktee.
The body moves along like the ball of dung, driven on by the dung-beetle.

sir Dovn cwlI lwfulI ]1] rhwau ] (1196-6, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
sar Dhovan chaalee laadulee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
The beloved soul goes down to the pool to wash itself clean. ||1||Pause||

DobI DovY ibrh ibrwqw ] (1196-6, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
Dhobee Dhovai birah biraataa.
The washerman washes, imbued with the Lord's Love.

hir crn myrw mnu rwqw ]2] (1196-6, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
har charan mayraa man raataa. ||2||
My mind is imbued with the Lord's Lotus Feet. ||2||

Bxiq nwmdyau rim rihAw ] (1196-7, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
bhanat naamday-o ram rahi-aa.
Prays Naam Dayv, O Lord, You are All-pervading.

Apny Bgq pr kir dieAw ]3]3] (1196-7, bsMqu, Bgq nwmdyv jI)
apnay bhagat par kar da-i-aa. ||3||3||
Please be kind to Your devotee. ||3||3||

bsMqu bwxI rivdws jI kI (1196-8)
basant banee ravidaas jee kee
Basant, The Word Of Ravi Daas Jee:

<> siqgur pRswid ] (1196-8)
ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad.
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

quJih suJMqw kCU nwih ] (1196-9, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
tujheh sujhantaa kachhoo naahi.
You know nothing.

pihrwvw dyKy aUiB jwih ] (1196-9, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
pahiraavaa daykhay oobh jaahi.
Seeing your clothes, you are so proud of yourself.

grbvqI kw nwhI Twau ] (1196-9, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
garabvatee kaa naahee thaa-o.
The proud bride shall not find a place with the Lord.

qyrI grdin aUpir lvY kwau ]1] (1196-9, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
tayree gardan oopar lavai kaa-o. ||1||
Above your head, the crow of death is cawing. ||1||

qU kWie grbih bwvlI ] (1196-10, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
too kaaN-ay garbeh baavlee.
Why are you so proud? You are insane.

jYsy Bwdau KUMbrwju qU iqs qy KrI auqwvlI ]1] rhwau ] (1196-10, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
jaisay bhaada-o khoombraaj too tis tay kharee utaavalee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
Even the mushrooms of summer live longer than you. ||1||Pause||

jYsy kurMk nhI pwieE Bydu ] (1196-11, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
jaisay kurank nahee paa-i-o bhayd.
The deer does not know the secret;

qin sugMD FUFY pRdysu ] (1196-11, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
tan suganDh dhoodhai pardays.
the musk is within its own body, but it searches for it outside.

Ap qn kw jo kry bIcwru ] (1196-11, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
ap tan kaa jo karay beechaar.
Whoever reflects on his own body

iqsu nhI jmkMkru kry KuAwru ]2] (1196-11, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
tis nahee jamkankar karay khu-aar. ||2||
- the Messenger of Death does not abuse him. ||2||

puqR klqR kw krih AhMkwru ] (1196-12, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
putar kaltar kaa karahi ahaNkaar.
The man is so proud of his sons and his wife;

Twkuru lyKw mgnhwru ] (1196-12, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
thaakur laykhaa maganhaar.
his Lord and Master shall call for his account.

PyVy kw duKu shY jIau ] (1196-12, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
fayrhay kaa dukh sahai jee-o.
The soul suffers in pain for the actions it has committed.

pwCy iksih pukwrih pIau pIau ]3] (1196-13, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
paachhay kiseh pukaareh pee-o pee-o. ||3||
Afterwards, whom shall you call, "Dear, Dear."||3||

swDU kI jau lyih Et ] (1196-13, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
saaDhoo kee ja-o layhi ot.
If you seek the Support of the Holy,

qyry imtih pwp sB koit koit ] (1196-13, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
tayray miteh paap sabh kot kot.
millions upon millions of your sins shall be totally erased.

kih rivdws juo jpY nwmu ] (1196-14, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
kahi ravidaas jo japai naam.
Says Ravi Daas, one who chants the Naam, the Name of the Lord,

iqsu jwiq n jnmu n join kwmu ]4]1] (1196-14, bsMqu, Bgq rivdws jI)
tis jaat na janam na jon kaam. ||4||1||
is not concerned with social class, birth and rebirth. ||4||1||

bsMqu kbIr jIau (1196-15)
basant kabeer jee-o
Basant, Kabeer Jee:

<> siqgur pRswid ] (1196-15)
ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad.
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

surh kI jYsI qyrI cwl ] (1196-16, bsMqu, Bgq kbIr jI)
surah kee jaisee tayree chaal.
You walk like a cow.

qyrI pUMCt aUpir Jmk bwl ]1] (1196-16, bsMqu, Bgq kbIr jI)
tayree pooNchhat oopar jhamak baal. ||1||
The hair on your tail is shiny and lustrous. ||1||

ies Gr mih hY su qU FUMiF Kwih ] (1196-16, bsMqu, Bgq kbIr jI)
is ghar meh hai so too dhoondh khaahi.
Look around, and eat anything in this house.

Aaur iks hI ky qU miq hI jwih ]1] rhwau ] (1196-17, bsMqu, Bgq kbIr jI)
a-or kis hee kay too mat hee jaahi. ||1|| rahaa-o.
But do not go out to any other. ||1||Pause||

cwkI cwtih cUnu Kwih ] (1196-17, bsMqu, Bgq kbIr jI)
chaakee chaateh choon khaahi.
You lick the grinding bowl, and eat the flour.

cwkI kw cIQrw khW lY jwih ]2] (1196-17, bsMqu, Bgq kbIr jI)
chaakee kaa cheethraa kahaaN lai jaahi. ||2||
Where have you taken the kitchen rags? ||2||

CIky pr qyrI bhuqu fIiT ] (1196-18, bsMqu, Bgq kbIr jI)
chheekay par tayree bahut deeth.
Your gaze is fixed on the basket in the cupboard.

mqu lkrI sotw qyrI prY pIiT ]3] (1196-18, bsMqu, Bgq kbIr jI)
mat lakree sotaa tayree parai peeth. ||3||
Watch out - a stick may strike you from behind. ||3||

kih kbIr Bog Bly kIn ] (1196-18, bsMqu, Bgq kbIr jI)
kahi kabeer bhog bhalay keen.
Says Kabeer, you have over-indulged in your pleasures.

miq koaU mwrY eINt Fym ]4]1] (1196-19, bsMqu, Bgq kbIr jI)
mat ko-oo maarai eeNt dhaym. ||4||1||
Watch out - someone may throw a brick at you. ||4||1||