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pr Dn pr nwrI rqu inMdw ibKu KweI duKu pwieAw ] (1255-1, mlwr, mÚ 1)
par Dhan par naaree rat nindaa bikh khaa-ee dukh paa-i-aa.
Caught in slander and attachment to the wealth and women of others, they eat poison and suffer in pain.

sbdu cIin BY kpt n CUty min muiK mwieAw mwieAw ] (1255-1, mlwr, mÚ 1)
sabad cheen bhai kapat na chhootay man mukh maa-i-aa maa-i-aa.
They think about the Shabad, but they are not released from their fear and fraud; the minds and mouths are filled with Maya, Maya.

Ajgir Bwir ldy Aiq BwrI mir jnmy jnmu gvwieAw ]1] (1255-2, mlwr, mÚ 1)
ajgar bhaar laday at bhaaree mar janmay janam gavaa-i-aa. ||1||
Loading the heavy and crushing load, they die, only to be reborn, and waste their lives again. ||1||

min BwvY sbdu suhwieAw ] (1255-2, mlwr, mÚ 1)
man bhaavai sabad suhaa-i-aa.
The Word of the Shabad is so very beautiful; it is pleasing to my mind.

BRim BRim join ByK bhu kIn@y guir rwKy scu pwieAw ]1] rhwau ] (1255-3, mlwr, mÚ 1)
bharam bharam jon bhaykh baho keenHay gur raakhay sach paa-i-aa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
The mortal wanders lost in reincarnation, wearing various robes and clothes; when he is saved and protected by the Guru, then he finds the Truth. ||1||Pause||

qIriQ qyju invwir n n@wqy hir kw nwmu n BwieAw ] (1255-3, mlwr, mÚ 1)
tirath tayj nivaar na nHaatay har kaa naam na bhaa-i-aa.
He does not try to wash away his angry passions by bathing at sacred shrines. He does not love the Name of the Lord.

rqn pdwrQu prhir iqAwigAw jq ko qq hI AwieAw ] (1255-4, mlwr, mÚ 1)
ratan padaarath parhar ti-aagi-aa jat ko tat hee aa-i-aa.
He abandons and discards the priceless jewel, and he goes back from where he came.

ibstw kIt Bey auq hI qy auq hI mwih smwieAw ] (1255-5, mlwr, mÚ 1)
bistaa keet bha-ay ut hee tay ut hee maahi samaa-i-aa.
And so he becomes a maggot in manure, and in that, he is absorbed.

AiDk suAwd rog AiDkweI ibnu gur shju n pwieAw ]2] (1255-5, mlwr, mÚ 1)
aDhik su-aad rog aDhikaa-ee bin gur sahj na paa-i-aa. ||2||
The more he tastes, the more he is diseased; without the Guru, there is no peace and poise. ||2||

syvw suriq rhis gux gwvw gurmuiK igAwnu bIcwrw ] (1255-6, mlwr, mÚ 1)
sayvaa surat rahas gun gaavaa gurmukh gi-aan beechaaraa.
Focusing my awareness on selfless service, I joyfully sing His Praises. As Gurmukh, I contemplate spiritual wisdom.

KojI aupjY bwdI ibnsY hau bil bil gur krqwrw ] (1255-6, mlwr, mÚ 1)
khojee upjai baadee binsai ha-o bal bal gur kartaaraa.
The seeker comes forth, and the debater dies down; I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice to the Guru, the Creator Lord.

hm nIc huoqy hIxmiq JUTy qU sbid svwrxhwrw ] (1255-7, mlwr, mÚ 1)
ham neech hotay heenmat jhoothay too sabad savaaranhaaraa.
I am low and wretched, with shallow and false understanding; You embellish and exalt me through the Word of Your Shabad.

Awqm cIin qhw qU qwrx scu qwry qwrxhwrw ]3] (1255-7, mlwr, mÚ 1)
aatam cheen tahaa too taaran sach taaray taaranhaaraa. ||3||
And wherever there is self-realization, You are there; O True Lord Savior, You save us and carry us across. ||3||

bYis suQwin khW gux qyry ikAw ikAw kQau Apwrw ] (1255-8, mlwr, mÚ 1)
bais suthaan kahaaN gun tayray ki-aa ki-aa katha-o apaaraa.
Where should I sit to chant Your Praises; which of Your Infinite Praises should I chant?

AlKu n lKIAY Agmu AjonI qUM nwQW nwQxhwrw ] (1255-8, mlwr, mÚ 1)
alakh na lakhee-ai agam ajonee tooN naathaaN naathanhaaraa.
The Unknown cannot be known; O Inaccessible, Unborn Lord God, You are the Lord and Master of masters.

iksu pih dyiK khau qU kYsw siB jwck qU dwqwrw ] (1255-9, mlwr, mÚ 1)
kis peh daykh kaha-o too kaisaa sabh jaachak too daataaraa.
How can I compare You to anyone else I see? All are beggars - You are the Great Giver.

BgiqhIxu nwnku dir dyKhu ieku nwmu imlY auir Dwrw ]4]3] (1255-10, mlwr, mÚ 1)
bhagtiheen naanak dar daykhhu ik naam milai ur Dhaaraa. ||4||3||
Lacking devotion, Nanak looks to Your Door; please bless him with Your One Name, that he may enshrine it in his heart. ||4||3||

mlwr mhlw 1 ] (1255-10)
malaar mehlaa 1.
Malaar, First Mehl:

ijin Dn ipr kw swdu n jwinAw sw iblK bdn kumlwnI ] (1255-10, mlwr, mÚ 1)
jin Dhan pir kaa saad na jaani-aa saa bilakh badan kumlaanee.
The soul-bride who has not known delight with her Husband Lord, shall weep and wail with a wretched face.

BeI inrwsI krm kI PwsI ibnu gur Brim BulwnI ]1] (1255-11, mlwr, mÚ 1)
bha-ee niraasee karam kee faasee bin gur bharam bhulaanee. ||1||
She becomes hopeless, caught in the noose of her own karma; without the Guru, she wanders deluded by doubt. ||1||

brsu Gnw myrw ipru Gir AwieAw ] (1255-12, mlwr, mÚ 1)
baras ghanaa mayraa pir ghar aa-i-aa.
So rain down, O clouds. My Husband Lord has come home.

bil jwvW gur Apny pRIqm ijin hir pRBu Awix imlwieAw ]1] rhwau ] (1255-12, mlwr, mÚ 1)
bal jaavaaN gur apnay pareetam jin har parabh aan milaa-i-aa. ||1|| rahaa-o.
I am a sacrifice to my Guru, who has led me to meet my Lord God. ||1||Pause||

nauqn pRIiq sdw Twkur isau Anidnu Bgiq suhwvI ] (1255-13, mlwr, mÚ 1)
na-utan pareet sadaa thaakur si-o an-din bhagat suhaavee.
My love, my Lord and Master is forever fresh; I am embellished with devotional worship night and day.

mukiq Bey guir drsu idKwieAw juig juig Bgiq suBwvI ]2] (1255-13, mlwr, mÚ 1)
mukat bha-ay gur daras dikhaa-i-aa jug jug bhagat subhaavee. ||2||
I am liberated, gazing on the Blessed Vision of the Guru's Darshan. Devotional worship has made me glorious and exalted throughout the ages. ||2||

hm Qwry iqRBvx jgu qumrw qU myrw hau qyrw ] (1255-14, mlwr, mÚ 1)
ham thaaray taribhavan jag tumraa too mayraa ha-o tayraa.
I am Yours; the three worlds are Yours as well. You are mine, and I am Yours.

siqguir imilAY inrMjnu pwieAw bhuir n Bvjil Pyrw ]3] (1255-15, mlwr, mÚ 1)
satgur mili-ai niranjan paa-i-aa bahur na bhavjal fayraa. ||3||
Meeting with the True Guru, I have found the Immaculate Lord; I shall not be consigned to this terrifying world-ocean ever again. ||3||

Apuny ipr hir dyiK ivgwsI qau Dn swcu sIgwro ] (1255-15, mlwr, mÚ 1)
apunay pir har daykh vigaasee ta-o Dhan saach seegaaro.
If the soul-bride is filled with delight on seeing her Husband Lord, then her decorations are true.

Akul inrMjn isau sic swcI gurmiq nwmu ADwro ]4] (1255-16, mlwr, mÚ 1)
akul niranjan si-o sach saachee gurmat naam aDhaaro. ||4||
With the Immaculate Celestial Lord, she becomes the truest of the true. Following the Guru's Teachings, she leans on the Support of the Naam. ||4||

mukiq BeI bMDn guir Kol@y sbid suriq piq pweI ] (1255-16, mlwr, mÚ 1)
mukat bha-ee banDhan gur kholHay sabad surat pat paa-ee.
She is liberated; the Guru has untied her bonds. Focusing her awareness on the Shabad, she attains honor.

nwnk rwm nwmu ird AMqir gurmuiK myil imlweI ]5]4] (1255-17, mlwr, mÚ 1)
naanak raam naam rid antar gurmukh mayl milaa-ee. ||5||4||
O Nanak, the Lord's Name is deep within her heart; as Gurmukh, she is united in His Union. ||5||4||

mhlw 1 mlwr ] (1255-18)
mehlaa 1 malaar.
First Mehl, Malaar:

pr dwrw pr Dnu pr loBw haumY ibKY ibkwr ] (1255-18, mlwr, mÚ 1)
par daaraa par Dhan par lobhaa ha-umai bikhai bikaar.
Others' wives, others' wealth, greed, egotism, corruption and poison;

dust Bwau qij inMd prweI kwmu k®oDu cMfwr ]1] (1255-18, mlwr, mÚ 1)
dusat bhaa-o taj nind paraa-ee kaam kroDh chandaar. ||1||
evil passions, slander of others, sexual desire and anger - give up all these. ||1||

mhl mih bYTy Agm Apwr ] (1255-19, mlwr, mÚ 1)
mahal meh baithay agam apaar.
The Inaccessible, Infinite Lord is sitting in His Mansion.

BIqir AMimRqu soeI jnu pwvY ijsu gur kw sbdu rqnu Awcwr ]1] rhwau ] (1255-19, mlwr, mÚ 1)
bheetar amrit so-ee jan paavai jis gur kaa sabad ratan aachaar. ||1|| rahaa-o.
That humble being, whose conduct is in harmony with the jewel of the Guru's Shabad, obtains the Ambrosial Nectar. ||1||Pause||