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mlwr bwxI Bgq rivdws jI kI (1293-2)
malaar banee bhagat ravidaas jee kee
Malaar, The Word Of The Devotee Ravi Daas Jee:

<> siqgur pRswid ] (1293-2)
ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad.
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

nwgr jnW myrI jwiq ibiKAwq cMmwrM ] (1293-3, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
naagar janaaN mayree jaat bikhi-aat chamaaraN.
O humble townspeople, I am obviously just a shoemaker.

irdY rwm goibMd gun swrM ]1] rhwau ] (1293-3, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
ridai raam gobind gun saaraN. ||1|| rahaa-o.
In my heart I cherish the Glories of the Lord, the Lord of the Universe. ||1||Pause||

sursrI sll ik®q bwrunI ry sMq jn krq nhI pwnµ ] (1293-3, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
sursaree salal kirat baarunee ray sant jan karat nahee paanaN.
Even if wine is made from the water of the Ganges, O Saints, do not drink it.

surw ApivqR nq Avr jl ry sursrI imlq nih hoie Awnµ ]1] (1293-4, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
suraa apvitar nat avar jal ray sursaree milat neh ho-ay aanaN. ||1||
This wine, and any other polluted water which mixes with the Ganges, is not separate from it. ||1||

qr qwir ApivqR kir mwnIAY ry jYsy kwgrw krq bIcwrM ] (1293-5, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
tar taar apvitar kar maanee-ai ray jaisay kaagraa karat beechaaraN.
The palmyra palm tree is considered impure, and so its leaves are considered impure as well.

Bgiq Bwgauqu ilKIAY iqh aUpry pUjIAY kir nmskwrM ]2] (1293-5, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
bhagat bhaag-ut likee-ai tih oopray poojee-ai kar namaskaaraN. ||2||
But if devotional prayers are written on paper made from its leaves, then people bow in reverence and worship before it. ||2||

myrI jwiq kut bWFlw For FovMqw inqih bwnwrsI Aws pwsw ] (1293-6, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
mayree jaat kut baaNdhlaa dhor dhovantaa niteh banaarsee aas paasaa.
It is my occupation to prepare and cut leather; each day, I carry the carcasses out of the city.

Ab ibpR prDwn iqih krih fMfauiq qyry nwm srxwie rivdwsu dwsw ]3]1] (1293-7, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
ab bipar parDhaan tihi karahi dand-ut tayray naam sarnaa-ay ravidaas daasaa. ||3||1||
Now, the important Brahmins of the city bow down before me; Ravi Daas, Your slave, seeks the Sanctuary of Your Name. ||3||1||

mlwr ] (1293-8)

hir jpq qyaU jnw pdm kvlws piq qws sm quil nhI Awn koaU ] (1293-8, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
har japat tay-oo janaa padam kavlaas pat taas sam tul nahee aan ko-oo.
Those humble beings who meditate on the Lord's Lotus Feet - none are equal to them.

eyk hI eyk Anyk hoie ibsQirE Awn ry Awn BrpUir soaU ] rhwau ] (1293-8, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
ayk hee ayk anayk ho-ay bisathri-o aan ray aan bharpoor so-oo. rahaa-o.
The Lord is One, but He is diffused in many forms. Bring in, bring in, that All-pervading Lord. ||Pause||

jw kY Bwgvqu lyKIAY Avru nhI pyKIAY qws kI jwiq AwCop CIpw ] (1293-9, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
jaa kai bhaagvat laykhee-ai avar nahee paykhee-ai taas kee jaat aachhop chheepaa.
He who writes the Praises of the Lord God, and sees nothing else at all, is a low-class, untouchable fabric-dyer by trade.

ibAws mih lyKIAY snk mih pyKIAY nwm kI nwmnw spq dIpw ]1] (1293-10, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
bi-aas meh laykhee-ai sanak meh paykhee-ai naam kee naamnaa sapat deepaa. ||1||
The Glory of the Name is seen in the writings of Vyaas and Sanak, throughout the seven continents. ||1||

jw kY eIid bkrIid kul gaU ry bDu krih mwnIAih syK shId pIrw ] (1293-11, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
jaa kai eed bakreed kul ga-oo ray baDh karahi maanee-ah saykh saheed peeraa.
And he whose family used to kill cows at the festivals of Eed and Bakareed, who worshipped Shayks, martyrs and spiritual teachers,

jw kY bwp vYsI krI pUq AYsI srI iqhU ry lok prisD kbIrw ]2] (1293-11, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
jaa kai baap vaisee karee poot aisee saree tihoo ray lok parsiDh kabeeraa. ||2||
whose father used to do such things - his son Kabeer became so successful that he is now famous throughout the three worlds. ||2||

jw ky kutMb ky FyF sB For FovMq iPrih Ajhu bMnwrsI Aws pwsw ] (1293-12, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
jaa kay kutamb kay dhaydh sabh dhor dhovant fireh ajahu bannaarsee aas paasaa.
And all the leather-workers in those families still go around Benares removing the dead cattle

Awcwr sihq ibpR krih fMfauiq iqn qnY rivdws dwswn dwsw ]3]2] (1293-13, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
aachaar sahit bipar karahi dand-ut tin tanai ravidaas daasaan daasaa. ||3||2||
- the ritualistic Brahmins bow in reverence before their son Ravi Daas, the slave of the Lord's slaves. ||3||2||

mlwr (1293-15)

<> siqgur pRswid ] (1293-15)
ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad.
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

imlq ipAwro pRwn nwQu kvn Bgiq qy ] (1293-16, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
milat pi-aaro paraan naath kavan bhagat tay.
What sort of devotional worship will lead me to meet my Beloved, the Lord of my breath of life?

swDsMgiq pweI prm gqy ] rhwau ] (1293-16, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
saaDhsangat paa-ee param gatay. rahaa-o.
In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, I have obtained the supreme status. ||Pause||

mYly kpry khw lau Dovau ] (1293-16, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
mailay kapray kahaa la-o Dhova-o.
How long shall I wash these dirty clothes?

AwvYgI nId khw lgu sovau ]1] (1293-17, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
aavaigee need kahaa lag sova-o. ||1||
How long shall I remain asleep? ||1||

joeI joeI joirE soeI soeI PwitE ] (1293-17, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
jo-ee jo-ee jori-o so-ee so-ee faati-o.
Whatever I was attached to, has perished.

JUTY bnij auiT hI geI hwitE ]2] (1293-18, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
jhoothai banaj uth hee ga-ee haati-o. ||2||
The shop of false merchandise has closed down. ||2||

khu rivdws BieE jb lyKo ] (1293-18, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
kaho ravidaas bha-i-o jab laykho.
Says Ravi Daas, when the account is called for and given,

joeI joeI kIno soeI soeI dyiKE ]3]1]3] (1293-18, mlwr, Bgq rivdws jI)
jo-ee jo-ee keeno so-ee so-ee daykhi-o. ||3||1||3||
whatever the mortal has done, he shall see. ||3||1||3||