Page 1387

dyhu drsu min cwau Bgiq iehu mnu ThrwvY ] (1387-1, svXy, mÚ 5)
dayh daras man chaa-o bhagat ih man thehraavai.
My mind yearns for the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan. This mind abides in devotional worship.

bilE crwgu AMD´wr mih sB kil auDrI iek nwm Drm ] (1387-1, svXy, mÚ 5)
bali-o charaag anDh-yaar meh sabh kal uDhree ik naam Dharam.
The lamp is lit in the darkness; all are saved in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, through the One Name and faith in the Dharma.

pRgtu sgl hir Bvn mih jnu nwnku guru pwrbRhm ]9] (1387-2, svXy, mÚ 5)
pargat sagal har bhavan meh jan naanak gur paarbarahm. ||9||
The Lord is revealed in all the worlds. O servant Nanak, the Guru is the Supreme Lord God. ||9||

svXy sRI muKbwk´ mhlw 5 (1387-3)
sava-yay saree mukhbaak-y mehlaa 5
Swaiyas From The Mouth Of The Great Fifth Mehl:

<> siqgur pRswid ] (1387-3)
ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad.
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

kwcI dyh moh Puin bWDI sT kTor kucIl kuigAwnI ] (1387-4, svXy, mÚ 5)
kaachee dayh moh fun baaNDhee sath kathor kucheel kugi-aanee.
This body is frail and transitory, and bound to emotional attachment. I am foolish, stone-hearted, filthy and unwise.

Dwvq BRmq rhnu nhI pwvq pwrbRhm kI giq nhI jwnI ] (1387-4, svXy, mÚ 5)
Dhaavat bharmat rahan nahee paavat paarbarahm kee gat nahee jaanee.
My mind wanders and wobbles, and will not hold steady. It does not know the state of the Supreme Lord God.

jobn rUp mwieAw md mwqw ibcrq ibkl bfO AiBmwnI ] (1387-5, svXy, mÚ 5)
joban roop maa-i-aa mad maataa bichrat bikal badou abhimaanee.
I am intoxicated with the wine of youth, beauty and the riches of Maya. I wander around perplexed, in excessive egotistical pride.

pr Dn pr Apvwd nwir inMdw Xh mITI jIA mwih ihqwnI ] (1387-5, svXy, mÚ 5)
par Dhan par apvaad naar nindaa yeh meethee jee-a maahi hitaanee.
The wealth and women of others, arguments and slander, are sweet and dear to my soul.

blbMc Cip krq aupwvw pyKq sunq pRB AMqrjwmI ] (1387-6, svXy, mÚ 5)
balbanch chhap karat upaavaa paykhat sunat parabh antarjaamee.
I try to hide my deception, but God, the Inner-knower, the Searcher of Hearts, sees and hears all.

sIl Drm dXw suc nwisœ AwieE srin jIA ky dwnI ] (1387-7, svXy, mÚ 5)
seel Dharam da-yaa such naasit aa-i-o saran jee-a kay daanee.
I have no humility, faith, compassion or purity, but I seek Your Sanctuary, O Giver of life.

kwrx krx smrQ isrIDr rwiK lyhu nwnk ky suAwmI ]1] (1387-7, svXy, mÚ 5)
kaaran karan samrath sireeDhar raakh layho naanak kay su-aamee. ||1||
The All-powerful Lord is the Cause of causes. O Lord and Master of Nanak, please save me! ||1||

kIriq krn srn mnmohn john pwp ibdwrn kau ] (1387-8, svXy, mÚ 5)
keerat karan saran manmohan johan paap bidaaran ka-o.
The Praises of the Creator, the Enticer of the mind, are potent to destroy sins.

hir qwrn qrn smrQ sBY ibiD kulh smUh auDwrn sau ] (1387-9, svXy, mÚ 5)
har taaran taran samrath sabhai biDh kulah samooh uDhaaran sa-o.
The All-powerful Lord is the boat, to carry us across; He saves all our generations.

icq cyiq Acyq jwin sqsMgiq Brm AMDyr moihE kq DNau ] (1387-9, svXy, mÚ 5)
chit chayt achayt jaan satsangat bharam anDhayr mohi-o kat DhaN-u.
O my unconscious mind, contemplate and remember Him in the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation. Why are you wandering around, enticed by the darkness of doubt?

mUrq GrI csw plu ismrn rwm nwmu rsnw sMig lau ] (1387-10, svXy, mÚ 5)
moorat gharee chasaa pal simran raam naam rasnaa sang la-o.
Remember Him in meditation, for an hour, for a moment, even for an instant. Chant the Name of the Lord with your tongue.

hoCau kwju Alp suK bMDn koit jnµm khw duK BNau ] (1387-10, svXy, mÚ 5)
hochha-o kaaj alap sukh banDhan kot jannam kahaa dukh bhaN-u.
You are bound to worthless deeds and shallow pleasures; why do you spend millions of lifetimes wandering in such pain?

isK´w sMq nwmu Bju nwnk rwm rMig Awqm isau rNau ]2] (1387-11, svXy, mÚ 5)
sikh-yaa sant naam bhaj naanak raam rang aatam si-o raN-u. ||2||
Chant and vibrate the Name of the Lord, O Nanak, through the Teachings of the Saints. Meditate on the Lord with love in your soul. ||2||

rMck ryq Kyq qin inrimq durlB dyh svwir DrI ] (1387-12, svXy, mÚ 5)
ranchak rayt khayt tan nirmit durlabh dayh savaar Dharee.
The little sperm is planted in the body-field of the mother, and the human body, so difficult to obtain, is formed.

Kwn pwn soDy suK BuMcq sMkt kwit ibpiq hrI ] (1387-12, svXy, mÚ 5)
khaan paan soDhay sukh bhuNchat sankat kaat bipat haree.
He eats and drinks, and enjoys pleasures; his pains are taken away, and his suffering is gone.

mwq ipqw BweI Aru bMDp bUJn kI sB sUJ prI ] (1387-13, svXy, mÚ 5)
maat pitaa bhaa-ee ar banDhap boojhan kee sabh soojh paree.
He is given the understanding to recognize mother, father, siblings and relatives.

brDmwn hovq idn pRiq inq Awvq inkit ibKMm jrI ] (1387-13, svXy, mÚ 5)
baraDhmaan hovat din parat nit aavat nikat bikhamm jaree.
He grows day by day, as the horrible specter of old age comes closer and closer.

ry gun hIn dIn mwieAw ik®m ismir suAwmI eyk GrI ] (1387-14, svXy, mÚ 5)
ray gun heen deen maa-i-aa kiram simar su-aamee ayk gharee.
You worthless, petty worm of Maya - remember your Lord and Master, at least for an instant!

kru gih lyhu ik®pwl ik®pw iniD nwnk kwit BrMm BrI ]3] (1387-14, svXy, mÚ 5)
kar geh layho kirpaal kirpaa niDh naanak kaat bharamm bharee. ||3||
Please take Nanak's hand, O Merciful Ocean of Mercy, and take away this heavy load of doubt. ||3||

ry mn mUs iblw mih grbq krqb krq mhW muGnW ] (1387-15, svXy, mÚ 5)
ray man moos bilaa meh garbat kartab karat mahaaN mughnaaN.
O mind, you are a mouse, living in the mousehole of the body; you are so proud of yourself, but you act like an absolute fool.

sMpq dol Jol sMig JUlq mwieAw mgn BRmq GuGnw ] (1387-16, svXy, mÚ 5)
sampat dol jhol sang jhoolat maa-i-aa magan bharmat ghughnaa.
You swing in the swing of wealth, intoxicated with Maya, and you wander around like an owl.

suq binqw swjn suK bMDp qw isau mohu biFE su Gnw ] (1387-16, svXy, mÚ 5)
sut banitaa saajan sukh banDhap taa si-o moh badhi-o so ghanaa.
You take pleasure in your children, spouse, friends and relatives; your emotional attachment to them is increasing.

boieE bIju AhM mm AMkuru bIqq AauD krq AGnW ] (1387-17, svXy, mÚ 5)
bo-i-o beej ahaN mam ankur beetat a-oDh karat aghnaaN.
You have planted the seeds of egotism, and the sprout of possessiveness has come up. You pass your life making sinful mistakes.

imrqu mMjwr pswir muKu inrKq BuMcq Bugiq BUK BuKnw ] (1387-17, svXy, mÚ 5)
mirat manjaar pasaar mukh nirkhat bhuNchat bhugat bhookh bhukhnaa.
The cat of death, with his mouth wide-open, is watching you. You eat food, but you are still hungry.

ismir gupwl dieAwl sqsMgiq nwnk jgu jwnq supnw ]4] (1387-18, svXy, mÚ 5)
simar gupaal da-i-aal satsangat naanak jag jaanat supnaa. ||4||
Meditate in remembrance on the Merciful Lord of the World, O Nanak, in the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation. Know that the world is just a dream. ||4||