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Summary of Question:Why Do I Dream Of People Before They Die And Then Find Out They Have Died
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/29/2003 8:38 AM MDT

I have a very unusual and quite disturbing (well to me question), Last year I dreamt of a family friend and that he would die soon I hadn't seen this man since I was 7 years old I'm almost 23 now I rang my mother and she told me he had died on the day I dreamt off him.

Simialrly my grandfather passed away at the end of March - he had gone on holiday to India - I spoke to him on the phone and he complained that I never visit him ( i study 200 miles from home) I promised I would come see him after he got back from India - I came off the phone and I knew in my heart I would never speak to him agin - the following week I returned home and told my mum I wanted to phone india to speak to my Papa - we couldn't get through - for the next few days my grandmother (who passed away 10 years ag - whom I was very close to - she brought me up) came to me in my dreams- i was sitting in the Gurudwara at my mam ma ji's wedding (he was gettin married at the end of March) and she would look at me and smile she woudl tell me something but then disappear - i looked at Guru Ji's photo in my dream and he was mouthing something but I nevr knew what- the next day I had the ame dream - expcept my grandmother told me she was taking my grandfather back with her - i remember her smiling and looking at Gur Ji and she left- the day before my mam- ma ji's wedding the day after my dreams my grandfather passed away - i urged my father to go to india when I had my first dream and he went but missed my grandfather by a day,

I have also had similar dreams about other peole and they have also died- i now feel terrible if i dream off anyone just in case tey pass away - My grandmother always taught me to pray for eveyone befoe i sleep and she and I would fall asleep together chanting Waheguru- i do this now in the hope I won't have anymore dreams but now my dreasm are becoming violent - i get attacked in them- and I'm just scared that these dreasm will coem true like so many messages in my dreams in the past Please help.


The important thing is not to be afraid of your dreams. They are a gift. Ask the Guru to guide you in how you should use them. Keep chanting and growing spiritually. That is a must. You must not fall into the ego of this gift; you must not turn away from the gift as well. Guru will guide you and protect you, if you allow it. GTLL

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Why Do I Dream Of People Before They Die And Then Find Out They Have Died (05/29/2003)
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